Lightroom 5: Enhancing Isolated Areas of an Image

October 1st, 2013

LR5EnhancingI find myself making a round-trips from Lightroom to Photoshop less and less these days. One of the main reasons is the automatic vertical correction feature in Lightroom 5 but another reason is starting to be that it is easier and easier to modify isolated areas of an image in Lightroom. I know, these features have been there for a while but it’s taken me awhile to get used to working this way.  It’s hard to break old habits, and I’m used to making a trip out to Photoshop to work on isolated areas. There’s a lot you can do right in Lightroom.

For an example of how these Lightroom features can be used in real estate photography check out Jon Miller’s work. Jon is clearly the king of Lightroom local enhancement! Jon’s site is gone.

The main thing I wanted to point out is that in Lightroom 5 the radial filter has been added, and the spot removal tool has been improved. Julie Ann Kost’s tutorial gives a nice summary of how all the local enhancement tools in Lightroom 5 work.

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One Response to “Lightroom 5: Enhancing Isolated Areas of an Image”

  • Wow! I love the tutorial and I just realized that I haven’t been using lightroom to it’s fullest capabilities. Much to learn. Thank you.

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