Adobe Releases Official Version Of Lightroom 5.2

September 17th, 2013

Lightroom 5.2 beta has been available for a couple of months, but today Adobe released the final version of 5.2. It’s got a couple of nice improvements.

To down this free update just go to the help menu and click on “Check for update..”

The official Adobe update page is here, but I like Laura Shoe’s YouTube video explanation of the update and her blog post that explains the update.

By the way, if you also have Photoshop CS6 you will want to update your Camera RAW to 8.2 so it’s using the same version as Lightroom 5.2 uses.

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3 Responses to “Adobe Releases Official Version Of Lightroom 5.2”

  • Just updating to Lr 5.2 yesterday, I found the new Feather feature of the Spot Removal tool introduced something of a surprise.

    Here’s the gist: I had previously removed a couple marker buoys from this image. On viewing in Lr 5.2, I now have ghosts of the removed buoys.

    Investigating the image, (see G+ post the Feather value for Spot Removal had a default (as in: I hadn’t touched) value applied of 76. Since I tend to create my masks just a bit larger than the item in question (assuming no feathering), to suddenly have a 76% feather applied resulted in the edges of the removed items ‘reappearing.’

    Solution: Change Feather to 0 for the effected spots.

    Ideally, the Feather function would provide consistent behavior with prior versions by default. My concern is, if it did this to a file I simply _happened_ across, how many others (all?) will it similarly effect?

    Thought this important enough to make folks aware of sooner than later.

  • Also, the adjustment brush sometimes stops working, notably after editing externally in PS. The fix is to exit and reopen LR. Another bug introduced in 5.2RC and not fixed.

  • Just upgraded to Lightroom 5 yesterday (photo editing nirvana ;-)~why did I wait so long?) so once again this is perfect timing Larry. Thanks for the heads up!

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