This Week In Real Estate Video #75 – Historic Buddy Werner Home In Steamboat Springs

September 12th, 2013

I’m going to the beach this weekend so I’m putting Charlie’s stunning video up a day early. This week’s post is by Charlie Dresen, Steamboat Springs, CO:

Recently the N.Y. Times wrote about Calvin Klein’s new home in the Southampton, New York. There’s an obsession with celebrities and real estate. But is a home worth more that has a unique history to its ownership?  In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I recently listed a home that’s rich in Steamboat Springs history, but also extends to the history of skiing in the United States. So I wanted to make sure captured and utilized the history of this home in the marketing of selling such a special home.

Buddy Werner, one of the most accomplished ski racers in American history was raised in this home in downtown Steamboat Springs. But it’s not just Buddy who is decorated, his two other siblings were also Olympians and the mountain that the Steamboat ski area (Mt. Werner) is named after the Werner family.

But it doesn’t stop there. Buddy’s sister, Skeeter Werner married NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner,  Doak Walker. Doak and Skeeter also lived in the home.  And then there was the time former President Gerald Ford had dinner in the home while secret service waited outside.  It’s also talked about that the Kennedy clan, Robert Redford and even Clint Eastwood spent some time in Steamboat with the Werner family.

Celebrities aside, the home at 844 Aspen Street in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a wonderful home and on one of the best lots in town.  In real estate we always talk about location. And the Werner home is in Downtown Steamboat, nested on 1.47 acres and bordered by Soda creek.  The lot itself is an oasis in the heart of Ski Town, USA.

Making this video, I wanted to capture both the history of the Werner home while displaying the original craftsmanship and recent upgrades that go into making this a very special home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I was fortunate to have one of the Werner’s personal friends narrate the video.  Showing pictures of ski legend Buddy Werner is one thing, but having someone talk about the history just adds another level. So is a home worth more when it has celebrity status?  I’m not sure, but it sure helps in the marketing.

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9 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #75 – Historic Buddy Werner Home In Steamboat Springs”

  • Wow Charlie – this is really fabulous. Everything works — the videography, editing, narration are all first rate. The aerials are a perfect complement to the overall production. Great, great job.

  • Wow, wow, wow !
    I have redeveloped 7 homes while being a photographer during in my lifetime.
    This Steamboat Springs house really spoke to me, but I’m an easterner (NY state) so I won’t make an offer. Although this almost made me want to come west.
    Love the video and the spokeslady….quality is here.
    Peter C. Brandt

  • Wow – I just had to keep the trend. But really, thanks Bruce & Peter. The home is super special. The craftsmanship and melding of the old and new really works. And half the work and money put into the home was to make sure it last another hundred years. It really is the best location in town.

  • Great work Charlie- Fantastic Video Capture and great story. Curious if you are using a drone for the outside aerials (killer view shots) and perhaps a jib for a lot of the interior shots (beam & ceiling shots)? Looks like you captured everything with great attention to detail!

  • SineadKH – I don’t own a drone but I hired a local guy who has a serious set up. I think he uses a CineStar 8. The other camera movement is from a small jib and a tall tripod just rotating around. Email me for more specifics if you want. Thanks

  • This is a great video and graphic presentation of the home, Charlie. Using a “family friend” for the narration worked really well. The aerial shots added a new dimension that is just not seen much and I’ll bet that, as a realtor, it will bring you more business because you took the time to include it. I am usually not a fan of video presentations (for real estate) that are longer than 3 minutes. But this one works and it kept my interest. What camera is your drone guy flying? Thanks for sending this one in to PFRE so we could take a look! Great job. Jim

  • Beautiful video Charlie and what a house! Love the mixture of shots and narration, definitely worth going the extra mile for a home like this. Have you got more details on your comment ‘tall tripod just rotating around?’ – cheers

  • Jim – Every time I go beyond 3 minutes I know I’m treading on thin ice. But I just had to do it this time. Thanks

    Jon – I use this tripod. I can just extend one leg and with the camera being so high I just swiveled around to get some of those ceiling shots.

  • You really are great at capturing realty videos… very detailed

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