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September 3rd, 2013

NewsReaders send me links to some interesting articles from all around the world that are related to real estate photography. I’ve been getting behind lately in passing these along. Here are some of the most recent items:

Trend MLS in Hawaii article recommends “Take you own photos and avoid legal action”: Anders Carlson and Ethan Tweedie on the Big Island both sent me this article. It is warning agents in Hawaii to make sure they have a license from photographers. They say  “The safest way to ensure this is to take your own photos, but if you must hire a photographer to
take them for you, please make sure that you have secured in writing all rights to use them”. More reasons to spend time talking to your clients about your photo licensing terms!

Professional Real Estate Photography: Why You Need it: From MRIS MLS in Virginia. The Local MLS is actually promoting agents use professional photography. Thanks to Stanley Whitmore at Long & Foster.

When Odd Photos Happen To Good Real Estate Listings: Big article at one of the biggest blogs in the US (Huffington Post). All standard stuff but It’s good to see this subject is getting such broad exposure! Thanks to Dave Williamson.

You Can’t Sell A Secret! John McGrath says real estate marketing in Australia will cost you from $800 to $2000 and is worth it. Another interesting article from Dave Williamson.

Software lets You Tweak The Lighting of Your Scene After the Fact Until It’s Perfect: This article in describes research going on at Cornell University, funded partially by Adobe the may lead to after the fact lighting techniques. Thanks to Lee Jinks for this article.

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4 Responses to “Some Real Estate Photography News Items”

  • Interesting. This seems to be a focus subject among MLS almost reflecting some background communication. I have been subjected to similar all last month as I logged into MLS. Ironically, mine was discussed recently over on the Flickr group, initially confusing almost saying had to own the copyright, but on careful reading, the key word was “OR” not “AND”. Reviewed it with today’s blog and they have totally re-written it. Much better. Almost as if the were reading the Flickr discussion.

    Good mix of articles above, giving a broad overview of the subject. Had to smile with Trend’s two .pdf attachments – “Copyright ownership transfer” and the other “Limited License”. They should at least add a sentence in there concerning “Copyright ownership”, such as, ‘you can’t afford it, limited license is what you want.’

  • TReND MLS is in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

  • That last link about the software looks promising! I’ve found the blending technique in photoshop very effective but time consuming. Lets hope Adobe can do it right.

  • Licensing is an issue that needs to be addressed with each client. I recently saw my photos being used for a listing that I terminated with the sellers. The sellers had given the new agent the photos that I took. I demanded that the photos were taken down immediately or that she pay me for my photos. She thought there was nothing wrong with using my copyrighted photos, until she looked into it. And of course she didn’t want to pay for them, so she quickly took them down.

    We need to make sure that the client and owner of the home knows exactly where we stand on licensing.

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