This Week In Real Estate Video #72 –

August 23rd, 2013

I heard from Michael and Nory from Team Uneek in Orlando this last week. We’ve featured Michael’s work here several times. Michael says:

I work with my wife Nory who has studied lighting over the past 6 months so we now work together full time two other assistants for some shoots. Nory opens up the video, she is also an agent.

We shoot for a lot of interior designers, builders and architects through out Florida and have shot some of the most expensive homes, along with private celebrity homes that were not even for sale. Our turn around is 24 hours for pictures and video for all real estate shoots. As you notice we shoot with a lot of off camera flash and ARRI hot lights depending on what the clients specific request and try to pay very close attention to detail.

We have had our work in Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Luxe, and pretty much every magazine that is produced in central Florida. There is a local magazine that comes out every 2 months and is about 30 pages called Portfolio Florida, and out of the 30 pages of work in the last issue we had 19 pages of work featured in there along with inserts on four more. Also,we are the creative directors for Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls Royce of Orlando and are negotiating an exclusive contract for a mega yacht broker.

Michael and Nory just finished their new website that features their new show reel. Great work Michael and Nory!

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14 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #72 –”

  • Thank you for sharing this Larry!

    We appreciate all you do for the site and the knowledge you spread to the real estate photography community.

    Somebody needs to do a feature on you one of these days!


  • That’s one very impressive showreel.

    2nd Michael idea above, would be very interesting

  • I’m a fan of these guys, they do incredible work and they have been an inspiration for me – Bravo Michael and Nory!

  • Very impressive!!!AND hear hear about doing a feature on Larry!

  • Wow! Between the music and the incredible video work, I experienced goose bumps watching this video! This show reel is certain to bring you lots of business! Great work, Michael and Nory!

  • My competition…just kidding. You are way beyond my capability and skill set. But being local, we need to meet a Paneras or some place like Tiajuana Flats when we are on the same side of town

    I have really liked the videos I have seen in the past. Your new website format is quite interesting with the video playing and other content (like the ‘about’ ‘examples’ or ‘contact’ pages) coming up in a smaller window within the video. Exploring examples further opens to a new full window/tab with the video playing in the background on the other tab. Very different, and I like it.

  • Larry,

    SENSATIONAL !!!!!!

    These folks take no prisoners.

    Thanks so much for making this available.


    Norman Rosenzweig
    Noros Group LLc
    Baltimore, Md.

  • Stunning, creative and impeccably done! Encore!


  • Outstanding!!

  • That was probably one of the most impressive portfolio videos I’ve ever seen before. VERY nice work and something I think most all of us aspire to do!

  • Wall street journal mansion section featured hi-end video productions and specifically mentioned our pals at Platinum HD.

  • Appreciate the feedback from everybody so far! We keep striving to better our self’s at every shoot. We have A LOT of growing to do and can always get better.

    I have gotten a few emails from people regarding what gear we use, what we charge, how we market etc. In short we use the same stuff everybody else uses that Larry promotes and suggest etc on the blog. It’s not so much the gear its what you do with it and how you utilize it and as far as pricing goes you have to value what you are worth, you can not just adjust your pricing what others are doing. We are not cheap by any means and we have worked hard to prove that what we offer is worth every penny. Most homes we shoot are over $1M as we try to keep our focus on the luxury end of things. We also found out a long time ago when you try to offer dirt cheap prices it will not get you more work in the end, people will not take you to serious and you down grade the value of your work. We understand it is hard to get new clients but its better to just work at your skill to get the proper rate then try to under cut everybody. People always say well how do I get to practice my skill if I can not get gigs? Well you have free time and you know friends, family with homes, practice practice practice. IMO its better to practice shooting stuff on your own then offer dirt cheap prices for clients as they will expect that from there on out and others also will always bring that into the discussion. We held strong on our pricing for some time now and continue to raise it as we bring more to the table and ultimately we have gotten more work and much higher paying jobs because people see we must be the real deal if we are charging these rates.

    I am not much of a teacher or one to give advice but if I can give any advice for others it would be to compete against yourself and be the biggest critic of your own work out there and treat every shoot like it’s the biggest shoot you have had yet. You have to throw yourself into this completely if you want results. Strive to continue to raise the bar and use your own style, try not to mimick others so much as it may not be your strongest way to grow. Yes pay attn to what others are doing and see how you can bring that into your own style.

    I think if you enjoy what you do also it makes everything so much easier, the time the effort the long hours when you can finally sit back and watch/see what you created it makes all the blood sweat and tears so to say seem like a breeze.

    The comment regarding our website. We love our new platform and our partner Matt from has been a amazing factor in helping us raise the bar and show our work in its best light. We have gone the website route of having tons of txt and trying to explain a lot of information on the site and really try to sell our self’s but for us it has been much more beneficial to just be as visual as possible as that is our biggest selling point, show our product as big and in your face as possible. We target a specific crowd who must use top quality marketing in their industry in order to compete so its not geared towards the masses.

    Again big thanks to Larry for featuring us and doing what he does on this blog, he can take some credit for this showreel as we prob would of never gained the knowledge we have so quickly if it wasn’t for the community he has built on here.

    Cheers to everybody else who shares their work on here and contributes to make this site the place it is!


  • Amazing work. What a goal to aspire to.

  • Chapeau! Very impressive!

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