PFRE Book Of The Month – Best Business Practices For Photographers By John Harrington

August 22nd, 2013

PFREbookomonthThe PFRE Book Of The Month for September is John Harrington’s, Best Business Practices For Photographers. Aaron Leitz first recommended this book here on the blog many years ago. He said:

I highly recommend John Harrington’s book, “Best Practices for Photographers.” Though it’s aimed more towards the established editorial/advertising/commercial photographer, there is tons of great stuff for RE shooters as well. Harrington is a real-deal pro photographer. Especially revealing and informative are the book’s many “case studies” covering a wide variety of topics where Harrington includes actual contracts and e-mail conversations with clients. His pricing policies and thoughts on getting paid what you deserve are enlightening. Example: instead charging late payment fees, he charges them up front and then discounts the client if they pay within 30 days. There are lots of little clever, but important, negotiating strategies like this in the book.

Since Aaron’s original recommendation this book has been updated to the second edition. This book is chucked full of just all around good business advice. I highly recommend it.

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2 Responses to “PFRE Book Of The Month – Best Business Practices For Photographers By John Harrington”

  • I’ve been lurking here and enjoying this site for several years. This is my first post, to the best of my recollection. Hello all. Wonderful site!

    “Best Business Practices for Photographers” seems like a good book. What is the publication date of the revised edition? It seems things are changing pretty fast as far as incorporation of videography into the photography business, so the more recent the update the better.

  • @Thomas- The second edition came out in 2010. But this book is about general business practices, not real estate specific photography.

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