This Week In Real Estate Video #71 – Elegant Property Vid By

August 16th, 2013

Here’s a promo video done by a property video start up business in Norway.  This property video by Oliver Wiig of has a elegant look and feel to it and dramatically shows off a relatively simple little apartment:

  1. You’ll notice in the comments that this is Oliver’s first property video. Oliver obviously has previous experience with  shooting and editing video.
  2. It’s relatively long (5:00) but is it interesting and easily holds attention the whole time.
  3. Makes great use of time-lapse.
  4. The 3D modeling work adds some interest and a  professional look. This may not be appropriate for every property.

Great job for a first shoot Oliver, we expect to see great things from you in the future! Lykke til i din eiendom video business!

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7 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #71 – Elegant Property Vid By”

  • Oliver. Great Job, very creative. Really great use of timelapse and like how you layout your graphics/illustrations

  • Very nice, seems to me to be done by an the architectural firm, not a realtor. Unfortunately, production of a video like this and others like it are way beyond in price what the average everyday realtor would be willing to pay. But nice to view anyway! I like the room with the Arnie Jacobsen chair all by its self. Looks fully decorated.

  • WOW, I am inspired some great ideas and a fresh approach, I usually can not last more then 3 minutes and I watched the whole vid and could have watched more.

  • WOW – I love how he worked the address in to various shots without really distracting from the shot, how with split screens he did different speeds and different directions, and the time lapse – esp. at the end when it fades into darkness.

  • I second Tom Tezak’s “Wow”! This is one of the most exciting property videos I’ve seen. It captured my attention with the unique views, split screens, and interesting perspectives. I especially like the view of the shower shot from the floor looking upward. Yes, the video is long but well worth the time spent watching it! Bravo, Oliver!

  • Hi all,

    First, thanks for sharing my video Larry!
    I have to admit that I do not have not much experience with making videos in general, but I love working with it.
    The apartment beeing used is my own, so I had a lot of time making it and shooting the clips.

    Making movies/photo is something I do for a hobby.
    I was actually almost giving up this project (real estate videos) because its very hard to sell them in to the market.
    Here in Norway the estate market has gone up for 20 years in a row and estates sell them self in general. The market is hot and people dont see the point in investing in a video.
    Now, with all this comments and positive feedback I will try to go out there again.

    All feedback is appreciated, thanks all!

    (call me Oliver, the name Ørjan is not very international 🙂

  • This is both fantastic and inspiring! The smoothness of camera movements, different perspective, time lapses, draws me to that place. Hope you can share as well “the making” of this video.

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