This Week In Real Estate Video #70 – Shooting Big Ranches From The Sky

August 9th, 2013

CougarSpringsJim Coon, the Broker/Owner of Alleda Real Estate in Bend, Oregon showed me the video he had done for a large ranch property he has listed out in the “Big Sky country” of Central Oregon. As you can see from Jim’s website he lists a lot of huge ranch properties like the Cougar Springs Ranch shown in this video. Jim says the challenge with these large ranch properties is to showcase these large ranch properties in under 3 minutes of video and not put the viewer to sleep.

A sequence aerial shots is the  perfect solution, as you can see. I think the aerial shots of this big ranch are awesome! This is the only sensible way to present a big ranch like this and keep the viewers attention!

This country near Sisters Oregon is one of my favorite places on the planet! What a great way to show it from the air. Great job Jim!

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10 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #70 – Shooting Big Ranches From The Sky”

  • Aerial shots are so important on marketing ranches and places like these. You just get such a better feel for the place. Especially if you’re not familiar with the area. Would love to know how they got those shots. I think narration would have been better than reading text though. I was torn between reading and looking at fabulous video shots.

  • those were likely done with a drone and a go pro camera. theres WAY too many shots low in the trees etc to be a manned craft/helicopter. I think the FAA’s ruling on no drone use in US airspace for stuff like this is just going completely unenforced (I dont care either way, just an observation), which is just silly waste of tax money to make these laws in the first place.

    Great vid… I want to buy that ranch (and I HATE Oregon!) lol

  • Can you let us know what kind of equipment was used for the aerial shots?

  • That is a beautiful ranch!

    You could see the drone shadow in one of the shots.

    The video does a great job of showing the ranch.


  • Outstanding video. Love the fly over shots Jim!

  • Great video, I wonder if you use the XP2 from for the aerial work? I’ve had my eye on that one for a while. I’d love to hear about the aerial setup if you’re willing to share. Awesome shots and nice edit with the ground shots too.

  • That was pretty awesome!
    Curious to find out what the asking price is.

  • Aerial is the only way to shoot these large properties. I enjoyed the video throughly. Living in KY we have tons of horse farms, and this is a similar concept to what I see as the most effective marketing on our farms. Thanks for the share! Curious as to the heli used, and the post-process for anti-shake. Thanks!

  • Thanks for all the kind comments – and I can only take half the credit! Static video shot by me using Lumix GH3 while my friend Jared Leisek at Snip Film Productions is responsible for the aerial work. He uses an XproHeli Quadcopter with a Sony NEX-5 mounted. I did all the post production work in Final Cut Pro X. Working with the aerial footage was a whole new learning curve for me. It is shot at 60P then placed in a 30P timeline in FCPX. Then stabilized then color-corrected. Jared just started using a brushless gimball with a GoPro3 and getting clips that need almost zero stabilization. This is so cost-effective for me and the only way to show these larger properties in any kind of scale that makes sense. I’m a realtor and have been taking my own stills for 10 years. I began shooting and editing my own video about 2 years ago and still have a lot to learn. Here’s a link to another video in which I partnered with Jared. This was my first post-production effort using aerial clips and I have learned a lot since this was finished. I agree with Charlie that narration might make these videos better, but I am so busy selling real estate that I have only so much time to put into the imaging work. I will say that 99.9% of the brokers in this region are just too cheap to do anything like this so the business I generate as a broker because of quality stills and now video is amazing:

    Thanks again for the comments!

  • @jim Coon. “I will say that 99.9% of the brokers in this region are just too cheap to do anything like this so the business I generate as a broker because of quality stills and now video is amazing:”

    I’m glad to hear a realtor make this statement.

    Nice work, curious though, have you considered hiring someone to produce these videos for you? If so how much would you pay? I’m not looking for a job here, you just made the statement that your really busy selling and it seems to me that you recognize the value that this type of production adds to your business, I think you’d find that people who are good at producing this type of media would also recognize the value of a good sales person (realtor) for their business too, wouldn’t it make sense to partner with that company so you can focus on the thing that your really good at?

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