This Week In Real Estate Video #69 – Live The Maui Dream Life

August 2nd, 2013

This last week Tom Tezak on Maui sent me his new Maui lifestyle video that Travis Rowan created for him. Tom says:

…originally we made it for my trip to China for a trade show and we just modified it a bit to use as a lifestyle video. Travis took clips from several different projects to integrated both lifestyle and real estate together to get the viewer to imagine living the dream, (Travis even got a cameo surfing) in this enjoying the lifestyle and then finding the perfect property to make it happen from… it is a bit longer, but we designed it to be a looping video to run during floor duty and open houses so we thought a bit more length would eliminate some redundancy.

Since I’m a Maui regular, all these Maui shots are a tease and make me want to jump on a plane! Last February when we were in Maui I had lunch with Tom, talked to the folks in his office and got to ride in his Porche Panamera. Hey, any Realtor with a Porche Panamera is my Realtor!

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3 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #69 – Live The Maui Dream Life”

  • I really like the transitions between shots. I especially like the zoom in on the map and then transition into the reality of the same coastline. Well done all around!

  • Makes me want to go. Something about those blue water shots of pools and sun and surf are just so inviting and make me say, “I want that.” Thus, Tom has done his job.

  • Thanks, for you positive comments, Let me know when you get off the plain and we’ll have lunch.
    tom tezak

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