What Realtors Need To Know About Photography

July 23rd, 2013

WhatRealtorNeedToKnowToday I talked to Ryan Elliott of who is a regular PFRE blog reader and an executive in that has responsibility for training agents in the US wide franchise.

Ryan is a big promoter of quality real estate photography and is going to use my free booklet What Realtors Need to Know About Photography as a resource for his franchise. He interviewed me for his in-house podcast, and we talked about the first 5 items of the Ten Essentials in the booklet.

As I told Ryan, I think it’s great to see a franchise like Assist2Sell taking the time and energy to educate their agents in the importance of Realtors understanding how real estate photography works. As I’ve seen from PFRE blog polls there are some Realtors that will be able to actually do the photography themselves or have an assistant or spouse do it, but no matter who does the photography they need to understand how it works and what’s important and they need to know good real estate photography when they see it. Understanding photography this is necessary for good marketing.

This is the purpose of What Realtors Need to Know About Photography. To explain the basics. This booklet is now in it’s 4th edition, and I believe I have things distilled down to their essence. Thanks to  Andrey Khrolenok , our man in Moscow, it’s even been translated into Russian.

So, I encourage brokers, Realtors, Photographers to use this free booklet and distribute it as you wish to help educate everyone in real estate photography. And if you have feedback on anything you see that needs fixing or you need it translated to some other language please let me know.

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5 Responses to “What Realtors Need To Know About Photography”

  • Love this! Thank you for putting it together and making it so accessible.

    Page 6, top of page the sentence drops off: “Find a photographer…”

  • Great booklet Larry, I’ll definitely be passing it on to the Realtors I work with.

  • @Crystal- Thanks for catching that. I’ll get that fixed.

  • Wow! Real truth for realtors. As a Virtual Tour provider, I find the attitude about spending anything for marketing, let alone descent photography, is simply overwhelming, and if I were a realtor, it would be highly embarrassing. Finally someone speaks the truth.

  • The booklet has some serious pdf formatting issues that make it very unreadable on a Mac.

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