This Week In Real Estate Video #66 – Villa Marguerita and Gilligan Resort Guesthouses

July 12th, 2013

Allan MacKenzie just sent me a tease video edit of a gig that he shot a couple of months ago on Palawan Island in the Philippines. Apparently the same island that a season of American Survivor was shot on.

Allan says:

The gig was a resort guesthouse promotional video shoot and also interiors, exteriors and landscape photography showcasing the picturesque location. The place is just amazing, the sunsets are incredible, and the people are friendly, I was actually surprised to meet American’s that have taken up residency there? It was not only a great creative experience but also a life changing trip for me to see how the other part of the world lives.

My brief is to produce 3 promotional videos in total for the resort guesthouses which includes, the UAV aerials landscape time-lapse footage, lifestyle and water activities, hiking activities etc! As my client said “Allan just want you to do your thing, sell the dream location for the ultimate holiday experience”

This tease video edit is of the time-lapse landscape sequences and a scene from the dji Phantom which was used for the aerial video (the rising shot at the very end of this edit).

As I told Allan, I like this whole video but I especially like the second half from about 1:16 to the end. For me there is a subtle similarity to parts the sound track of the Sydney Pollack film, Out of Africa (Olympic Glory by Y Sazonoff). Although Allan assures me he was not thinking about such a connection when editing or shooting this. In any case I think Allan did a fantastic job on this even though it is just a preliminary cut, I’m anxious to see the final videos.


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11 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #66 – Villa Marguerita and Gilligan Resort Guesthouses”

  • Nice work Allan

  • Alan,

    This is great! How did you do the timelapse of the sky and keep the motion of the people the same? Did you mask in the timelapsed sky? Fantastic!

  • In the 16th century we could have burnt him as a witch, I am bloody sick and tired of seeing such talent. Stop it Alan and let the rest of us keep on with our medirocity

    Great work.

    Regards your friend from adelaide

  • Beautiful work, Allan!!

  • Thanks for the feedback Guys… Michael you crack me up 🙂
    @Terry, cheers mate – It is a masking technique, I’ll try to explain? — The timelapse scenes are captured using the camera roll method. In Premiere I use a masking technique separating the clip at the horizon line using the effect 4,8,16 Pt garbage matte, you can also construct this in After Effects if one prefers. I import the same timelapse clip on 2 timelines one above the other. The clip on timeline 1 is playing back at normal speed or 100% and on timeline 2 above that same clip is playing back at 10000% to create the rolling clouds. Subjectively, I also will revere the clip so the clouds appear to invert on themselves. Then this is where I use the garbage matte to separate at the horizon line to reveal the clip below on timeline 1 playing at 100% or normal speed – It’s a great trick and creates an cool illusion. I’ve done a little tutorial about garbage matte a few years ago demonstrating how to use it for window pulls here it’s the same principle applied for this edit, hope that helps.

  • Stunning!

  • Great Work Allan. Inspirational and clever indeed

  • Always leading the adventure and creating stuff we all wish we could.

  • Awesome video! Really impressive

    Just a minor correction.. Survivor was not shot on Palawan, not really too close to it actually… I actually work on the show

    Anyway, again.. really great skills on the video!

  • Thanks again everyone for your kind feedback. Thanks Tony as well for your generosity and also for the correction. Thought I do some investigating of my own as I was informed by the locals that Survivor was shot on Palawan, so curiosity got the better of me. If I read this right, CBS Survivor according to Wikipedia was shot on the provinces of Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines . According to Wikipedia season 4 of the Philippine version of the franchise was shot on Palawan Thanks again, it was an amazing landscape everywhere you turned was a Kodak moment and I can’t wait to go back.

  • Impressive as always Allan.

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