The Latest In The Evolution Of The Real Estate Photographer/Videographer Directory

July 3rd, 2013

PhotographerDirectoryI wanted to bring up the PFRE Real Estate Photographer Directory again because back in mid-May when we launched this new version of the directory there were a few problems where directory registrations would not be successful if you ran into an error entering your data. We have that  fixed now so if you had troubles earlier you might try registering again. It’s working pretty well.

Directory History Is User Driven
Over the years the evolution of this directory has been user driven. The Directory is a way blog readers can benefit from the fact the PFRE blog has high google ranking for the search term “real estate photographer”. The only reason I charge anything for it is to control the amount of support time I have to put into it. I found many years ago if I don’t charge for directory entries, I get overwhelmed with work and do support work for free. My goal for this latest iteration is to allow users/readers to create their own directory entries and reduce my support time and thus allow more photographers to have a directory entry for less.

Featured Directory Entries
Several years ago Directory subscribers insisted on having a highlighted directory entry that cost more and was more visible to searchers. At the time having premium directory entries hot-pink cost $20 extra dollars. It seemed crazy, but people liked it. With this new version the highlighted version (now called a Featured directory entry) of the directory entry ($40) is listed at the top of all search results which makes the featured directory entries more visible. So if you searched for all the real estate photographers in Seattle, WA, the results would show the 11 photographers in the directory located in Seattle and the 3 photographers that have featured entries would be listed at the top. The pink shading is a design nod to the old highlighted entries of the old directory.

Visible Statistics For Each Entry
A great new feature that I really like is that each directory entry now shows how many viewers have clicked on the directory entry (left hand number called views) and how many viewers have clicked on the website URL (right hand number called sent out). This design was Cristi, my developers idea, I can’t take credit for it. This allows everyone to see which directory entries are getting the most traffic. This shows that, in general, (although not in every case) featured directory entries tend to get more views and click-throughs than regular entries.

Overall Directory Analytics For June
Here are the google-analytics stats for the directory for the month June 2 to July 2, 2013:

  • Unique Visitors: 811
  • Visits: 1237
  • Pageviews: 4025
  • Pages/Visit: 3.25
  • Avg Visit Duration: 03:44 minutes
  • Bounce Rate: 42.76%
  • % New Visits: 61.28%
  • Countries: 24 countries and 95% US

I’d like to thank Cristi, my developer for the great job designing and building this version of the real estate photographer/videographer directory.

Update: As of 7/10/2013 we now show contest winners at the top of all search results as suggested by Ken Brown in the comments below.

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9 Responses to “The Latest In The Evolution Of The Real Estate Photographer/Videographer Directory”

  • Larry,

    You might want to get that views option under control, ********* I’m removing Chris’s description of the bug so everyone will quit doing it!******** We are currently working on a fix for this… Modified by Larry

  • If I have an existing entry and want to add a description, do I just need to contact you with that info, or do we get user names & passwords to update our own entries?

  • @Chris- Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll get that fixed. Note that I’m removing the description of the bug you pointed out so everyone doesn’t do it just to see if it works!

  • I like the way the new directory looks and works. However, what determines the order that the photographers appear within the cateogory featured or just the regular photographer. Is it by city or is it by #views or is it by the timeframe that the company has been with you?
    We have benefited greatly from being on your site and believe in both being a contributor, a commentor and a featured listing.
    Thank you Larry.

  • @Suzanne- I new I could count on you to ask some tough questions;) I’ll have to verify this with Cristi, but I believe the order within Featured and regular directory entries for any given search is just the order that the entries have been added to the directory. Perhaps they should be displayed in order of the number of page views (most popular at the top).

  • How about Winners getting the top spot? That might crank up the monthly contests.

  • @Ken- We could do that… make the contest winners the very top of every search they are in… I suppose that makes sense.

  • If you sort by views, make sure you implement some sort of “unique IP” filter so people can’t just view their own listing 100 times to get top spot. 🙂

  • @Jeff- No, we will not be ordering search results by views… as you point out, it’s too easy for people to game that. Ordering within Featured and Regular will continue to be ordered by newest at top and oldest at bottom.

    Cristi is going to implement Ken Brown’s suggestion above… that is all contest winners will always be above the featured entries

    We are also looking at a request we got to sell a premium level entry that would always be at the top of search results.

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