This Week In Real Estate Video #62 – Fitzgerald at Grove Park Inn

June 14th, 2013

This week I want to highlight some more of Heath Cowart’s work that he has done with Michael Phelan and Anne Aldridge of Beverly-Hanks and Associates.

Here are the two specific videos which are different versions promoting the Fitzgerald at Grove Park Inn at Asheville, NC :

Here is Heath’s description:

The concept for both of the videos came from Michael Phelan and Anne Aldridge of Beverly-Hanks and Associates. Anne managed the whole production allowing us to focus on shooting and editing. The Beverly-Hanks marketing team has invested a lot of time and energy into their video offerings, and it is paying, off with productions like this. Both videos used professional actors and Anne and Michael provided scripts and storyboards.

Technical info: On the 2013 version we used Canon 5dmk2 and 7d DSLR’s for most of the memory sequences and the Canon C100 for everything else. We felt like some of the characteristics of the DSLR’s would fit well into a dreamy look and the added sharpness and dynamic range of the C100 would look more real The entire 2012 version was shot on a Canon 5dmk2.

This is a wonderful example of how real estate marketing people can get involved and participate in creating great property video. Excellent work Anne, Michael and Heath!

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #62 – Fitzgerald at Grove Park Inn”

  • I should also give credit to my wife, Melinda Hendershott, who on both productions, consulted on the script before the shoot, assisted on the shoot and edited the project, and Rebecca Burishkin, our second editor who assisted with the 2013 version. Having professional actors on both productions made a huge difference. The actors on the 2013 version, Candace Matthews Blanchard and Fred Galle were simultaneously working on some pretty big feature films and television productions when we produced the Fitz and I am still not sure how we got so lucky to bring them in to a real estate video.
    I feel very privileged to be able to work on projects like these with such a great team.

  • Let me be the first to say Heath, Melinda and Team. On both versions, a wonderfully scripted storyline with a fabulous eye for cinematography Heath plus creative editing by Melinda and her team. This is some of your best work to date IMO, great job.

  • Heath! Great result for a great team.

  • I love these videos, great job you guys. Funny I had just asked Larry about the original video in 2012, I wanted to share it with a client on something I thought was well done!

    Thanks for sharing your work.

    P.S. What do you use for music for your videos, resources etc?

  • Thanks everyone. Ethan we use audio jungle a lot but for these we used Music bed.

  • Well Done! The new version has a great flow.

  • Really nice job!

  • I love audio jungle – you can find some really great stuff on there!

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