The Yongnuo YN-560-III – Trigger Optically Or With RF602/603 triggers

June 5th, 2013

YN560IIIA while back I did a post on the YN-560-II, and how it is a good all around manually triggered flash that you can use if you are using Scott Hargis’s Lighting Interiors manual flash technique. For details see Lighting Interiors e-book or Scott’s Lighting Video series.

The YN-560-III that was introduced in January of 2013 is a slight refinement of the YN-560-II that has a built-in 2.4Ghz trigger compatible with the RF602/603 triggers. That is, when you are using Scott’s manual flash system you need to trigger at least one flash wirelessly if you are going to get the flash off your camera and have one flash fire other flashes optically. What I like about the YN-560-III is it eliminates parts and batteries.

So the complete setup would be:

  1. RF602/603 in the hot shoe of your camera. Choose the right one for your Nikon/Canon body.
  2. One YN-560-III that is triggered from the RF602/603 in the hot shoe.
  3. The rest of your flashes could be either YN-560-IIs or YN-560-IIIs or Sb-80DXs and be optically triggered.

For those just starting out with Scott’s manual flash system the YN-560-III and an RF603/603 makes a great first flash. It gets your flash off the camera, it triggers wirelessly without spending a fortune on triggers, and it minimizes parts and batteries. Then as you learn Scott’s system and need to acquire more flashes you can acquire, SB-80dxs, or YN-560-IIs or YN-560-IIIs any of which can be optically triggered by the first YN-560-III.

The feedback I’ve gotten so far is that the build quality of the Yongnuo flashes is pretty good for the price and compared to the classic SB-80DXs. I have a YN-560-III in the mail to me to give it some testing. Is anyone else already have experience with the YN-560-IIIs?

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7 Responses to “The Yongnuo YN-560-III – Trigger Optically Or With RF602/603 triggers”

  • At $30 / pair, I wouldn’t exactly consider a Yongnuo trigger system a “fortune”, but at least this does remove one more piece of equipment (and two AAA batteries) from the setup which definitely saves time and money. Thanks for the heads-up!

    The one plus side of still having a pair of separate triggers around is that you can remotely trigger your camera up to a couple hundred feet away, but that’s for another topic.

  • When I am ready to replace some of my flashes I will definitely order these. Currently, I have two of the YN-560 and two of the YN-560II. I just saw the YN-560II on Ebay for $71 with free shipping. That price makes it very tempting to go ahead and order a couple. The only thing I don’t like about the Yongnuo flashes is the foot that comes with it (pretty much identical to the Canon foot). The Nikon AS-19 foot is a lot better for balancing on top of doors and such.

  • I don’t know much about these, but I do own the little brother to the 560. I have a pair of YN-460 II flashes and they are quite good. Doesn’t have the fancy LCD display and some of the extra tweaks, but does have very good optical slave with power adjustment and 3 different modes. Also works well with triggers. They are a cheaper, and more simple flash solution, but have served me well.

  • I have been using the 560 III flash now for about three months and I am very happy with it. I paid $85 for the flash unit and it seems to be worth it. That is cheap for a good flash. It is not P-TTL and I only use it in manual mode off camera with Cactus V5 triggers. The build quality is really nice and feels like it was well thought out. The battery door is great! finally someone put some effort into making a good door. It is a strong flash with micro adjustments between the flash power values. It does it all except P-TTL. Also it doesn’t go to sleep by the time you get your flashes setup!

  • The 560 III will be my next purchase. They can be had on Ebay for I think $85.99 with free shipping from Yongnuo themselves. If memory serves correctly, you get a better warranty when ordering directly from them.

  • I’ve been using some Neewer TT520 flashes on optical slave along with a Canon 550EX for my speedlight arsenal. The TT520’s can be had for around $40 on eBay making it easy to put them in precarious positions without worrying about bankruptcy if something bad happens. I am going to start picking up the 560III’s for the RF wireless function. I like the Canon 500 series speedlights, but they are too expensive for the level of work that I am doing. I initially tried out the TT520’s as they can trigger on first or second flash optically and the power can be adjusted way down for just a puff of light in a dark corner. I have been envious of Nikon putting optical triggering on their strobes.

    Thanks for the post.

  • I just ordered 3 + 1 set of triggers. I can’t wait to start lighting better interiors! Thanks for the write up and advice, Larry.

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