Penthouse At Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Sells For A Record $25 million

June 4th, 2013

MalcolmHasmanEros Peterson pointed out a CBCNews article this morning that the Penthouse at Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim recently sold for a record $25 million.

While this is interesting that Canadian condo sales are on a roll, I think a more interesting aspect to this story for real estate people is that Malcolm Hasman, Vancouver’s top listing agent, is the listing agent on this property. If you look at Malcolm’s listing page for this condo you notice that all 30 of the listing photos are shot at twilight. Not only that, but if you look at Malcolm’s website every listing photo for every listing he has was shot at twilight! Malcolm is the twilight king! Wow, this is the best set of listings I’ve seen!

I love the photos for this listing, but I want to see them bigger on my 27″ screen and my tablet! It’s unfortunate that they are presented so weakly. These photos deserve to be presented with slide show software that can display smoothly display full-screen on any screen. The photos display on a tablet, but it is very awkward to navigate through them.

Since real estate photographers usually don’t get a credit for these kind of stories, I asked Malcolm who did his photography for the Penthouse at Fairmont Pacific Rim. He said Stacy Thomas did the photography on this condo. It appears from Stacy’s website that she does both still and video for real estate. I especially like the video of this listing on her site. Be sure to look at the video full-screen. Very nicely done!


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8 Responses to “Penthouse At Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Sells For A Record $25 million”

  • Hmm, can we start negotiating that our payment be a percentage of the selling price instead of flat rate?

    One like that condo & I could retire!!

  • First, I second Michael with his statement. Looking at the photos I have to say I expected better, I would have brought in small LTM Peppers to softly fill in some of the darker areas in many of the photos. Of course I know realtors and most have zero budget and you have to deal with that knowing that more time and effort on your part won’t get you paid more.

  • Gotta love the armchair quarterbacks like Ron Luxemburg…..the woulda/shoulda guys.

    Photos look great and the place sold, Stacy Thomas did her part to help reach that goal. Thats gotta be great to have for the portfollio!

  • I like the work! Stacy is among the best I have seen. FYI guys: concerning charging a percentage. Realtors are volunteers until and unless there is a closing. No sale=no commission. Low risk=low reward, high risk=higher reward…MAYBE. The photog gets paid up front regardless of results. The Realtor gets paid only if the results happen yet if it never happens he already paid the photog and a ton of other expenses….just sayin

  • @Jason

    In reality, a photographer, stager etc are all TOOLS that a realtor uses for his job (if he is doing it properly). The cost of these tools is the cost of doing business.

    Its the same for a photographer, we have tools that we use to do our job properly, and the cost of these tools is the cost of doing our business.

    If you have paid for all your tools for you to do your job on a certain listing (photographer etc), and that listing doesnt sell I would say one of 2 things have happened:

    1. you didnt do your job properly and completely
    2. you probably shouldn’t have taken on that particular listing if it was a potential problem (seller wanted too much $$$, house was in bad shape etc)

    At the end of the day Realtors chose their path knowing the risks/rewards up front, so nobody feels bad for them. If a photographer was able to get an agent to agree on a % rather than a fixed cost, that is a chance the photographer is taking knowing the risk up front.

  • My comment about taking a percentage WAS partly tongue-in-cheek for any who took it seriously.

  • Such photographs are of a very high standard. Most photographers are not recognized as artists, but the author of these photos should mostralas in an art gallery.

    The estate with such photographers sell more properties.

  • Hello everyone! Completely awesome that someone took the time to source out the photographer. Thanks for the mention! Love this website as well! There are so many photography websites that discuss technique, so it’s refreshing to see one that also considers the business side of the profession as well. It’s a great resource for all of us.

    I am not in the photographers database but I thought I would write a quick post if anyone had any questions. FYI, Stacy in this case, is a guy who has been blessed with growing up with a girls name! LOL!

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