Now Accepting Entries For June PFRE Photographers of The Month

June 2nd, 2013

LargeAdjoinedSpace2012I’m ready to start accepting Interior shots with breath taking views  for the June 2013 PFRE photographer of the month contest. The photo to the right is last year’s winner of this theme (Matt Waclo of Reno, NV). The idea is that large interior adjoined spaces are much more difficult to light than small rooms.

For those not familiar with this series of monthly competitions take a look at the Contest page that describes all the rules and the whole contest process. For a look at previous monthly winners and all the yearly winners go to the best-of-the-best page (on the top menu bar click “Featured”).

This contest is a juried contest. The list of jurors is on the contest page. The primary purpose of the contest is being recognized by your peers in the real estate photography industry.

The theme for June is “Large interior adjoined space”, and we will be accepting only photos with that theme until June 15. The winner will be picked by the jury between June 16 and June 23. The contest is anonymous. That is, no one knows who submitted the photos (except me) until the jury has chosen a winner. Once a winner is chosen the names and the number of points the jury awarded to each entrant is posted on each photo.

As usual the submitted images are available for viewing and discussion in the PFRE Photographer of The Month flickr group. I post them there as they are submitted. Also for people with devices that won’t display Flash the left-sidebar widget displays the submitted images in a non-Flash format. This sidebar display lags the flickr group display by several hours. Or use one of the great new Flickr Apps available on tablets and SmartPhones.

Update 6/3: I was having a problem with the email earlier but as of 2:30 PM Pacific it appears to be fixed.

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