Sacramento Real Estate Photographer Brian Kellogg Appears On KCRA TV

May 29th, 2013

BrianKelloggLong time PFRE reader and PFRE flickr group participant Brian Kellogg of Sacramento, CA was called by his local KCRA TV station and invited to participate in a news piece they were doing on real estate photography. Of course he said, “yes”. Here is the resulting TV piece. Good show Brian!

So how do you get invited to be on a gig like this? Well, there’s no sure fire formula. The first step is to be visible and well known and have satisfied customers. Usually these kind of gigs are the result of referrals from a satisfied customers (that’s actually what happened in Brian’s case). That is, the TV producer or some other person from the station needs to find a real estate photographer for the show so they call a real estate agent friend, and she/he says, “Oh yeah, call Brian Kellogg, he’s the real estate photographer that I use”. Personal referrals are the best marketing channel you have. How do you groom and encourage your referral network?

  • Go out of your way to give great service.
  • Ask for referrals personally. Or ask for referrals on your marketing materials.
  • You ask every new customer how they heard about you so you know who referred them to you.
  • Thank the referrer personally and/or give them something of value in return.

Brian reports that customer referrals are the way that he’s built his business over the last 8 years. And by the way, most good agents understand the referral process because that’s their best way of getting new clients too.


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3 Responses to “Sacramento Real Estate Photographer Brian Kellogg Appears On KCRA TV”

  • Great piece, I’m surprised we don’t see more coverage of real estate photography in the media. Thanks for sharing Larry.

  • I think we arent seeing more about it in the media because agents, on a whole, are notoriously late adopters. I can remember as little as five years ago agents that have been in the business for decades telling me ‘internet based real estate sales’ is just a fad and that you could never replace the one on one interaction with the listing and selling agents…

    Look at the pace improving technology, specifically in regards to display resolution and internet bandwidth, has achieved in the last 5 years. Agents can no longer avoid the fact that internet marketing, and consequently the need for better photos and videos, are here to stay. Its just a matter of time before it reaches critical mass and just about every agent will be considering hiring a pro.

    Congrats on the spot Brian! And what was the mini umbrella strobe thing you were using…?

  • Thanks Iran, they didn’t really show my lighting setup very well… I use 2 SB700’s through (32″, I think) umbrellas on tripods, and then 4 other SB600’s used however necessary. I don’t always hold the tripod & umbrella in my hand, but usually it works very well when combined with the other SB700/umbrella coming in from the side.

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