Checkout The New Flickr! Where Everyone Gets A Free Terabyte

May 20th, 2013

NewFlickrToday Flickr implemented their new design. The three main things that is different are:

  1. The interface has been updated.
  2. Everyone gets a free terabyte of storage.
  3. It allows you to share in full resolution.
  4. Upload once and send to any screen.

If  you want a more detailed look at the new features have a look at Ken Yeung’s review over at

I like the look of the new design. Larger thumbnails, black backgrounds. Looks much more modern.

I joined flicker in 2007, and this is the first time anything on has been changed since 2007. Almost exactly a year ago Matt Honan over at Gizmodo declared flickr dead. Thanks to Marissa Mayer it looks like Yahoo is going try to breathe some life back into flickr. Back in 2007 it was the best photo sharing site on the web.

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8 Responses to “Checkout The New Flickr! Where Everyone Gets A Free Terabyte”

  • Is the new Flickr a viable option for delivering photos for download to clients? How does it compare to some of the more common methods such as Dropbox, FTP download, etc.?

  • They must be working on the site, or it’s very busy, I’ve been unable to upload all day, keeps stalling out.

  • Anyone see this quote from Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s (they own FLICKR) CEO? “Today, with cameras as pervasive as they are there’s no such thing really as professional photographers. … Certainly, there’s varying levels of skills.” Yea, right.

  • You read my mind, RL – I was just thinking the same thing. Can Flickr take the place of Dropbox? I have Dropbox now and I really hate that it uses my hard drive space. There must be another/better way to save files off-site, in the cloud than Dropbox.

  • @Robin/RL – I would not use flickr for delivering photos to your clients. It just isn’t designed for that so to use it like that would look very amateurish. It’s designed as a photo sharing site. On the other hand, Dropbox is designed as file sharing mechanism to use between your machines (laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones) for that it’s fantastic.

    A very professional way to deliver photos to clients is

  • I’ve been using YouSendIt for five years and I’m very happy with the service. As for Flickr, I like some changes and dislike other changes. I’ll need to play around a little more with it before deciding.

  • I’ve been using Flickr for many years primarily because of the recommendations I’ve seen on this blog. I use it for sharing what I call my “fun” stuff (i.e. not RE photography). Using it for business is a no-no per their rules. I pretty much like the new look, but am having some difficulty finding soom often used tools. I also don’t know why anyone should pay for a “pro” subscription any longer. The only feature I’m aware of is the ability to have “collections” (i.e., a level above “sets”). Using Flickr does get you exposed and viewed. Starbucks found me and uses many in their local stores.
    I deliver all client photos as email attachments. All my Realtors don’t want anything more complicated. I use Yahoo for my business website and email. Since they give me unlimited storage, it works as an unexpected backup for all my shoots. For example, a shoot I did 4 years ago (or more) can be easily found and redeliver (forwarded) to the owner or a new Realtor.
    PS. Flickr used to be partnered with Piknic, a wonderful photo editing tool. Glory be, the same and better is available at Check it out.

  • Dropbox works great for sharing files and your clients do not even need an account. You can just share a link to a specific folder where your clients can then go in and download all the files at once or view/approve the images online without having to download them.

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