Did You Notice That The PFRE Blog Is Running Faster?

May 19th, 2013

WeMovedYou’ve probably noticed that PFRE is running faster. It’s hard to miss. Starting late Friday US West Coast time (Tijuana time) we moved the PFRE blog to a higher performance server.

Things have been slowing down for the last year or so as our traffic has been increasing but the thing that really made our old server’s speed noticeable was when we redesigned the real estate photographers directory. Cristi, our web developer pointed out how bad the performance on the old sever was and help me move to this new server.

There are still performance improvements that we are going to make in the future but by the time you read this all the DNS servers on the planet should be pointing to the new server.

Thanks for putting up with our slowness in the past few months!

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2 Responses to “Did You Notice That The PFRE Blog Is Running Faster?”

  • Now if only would move to a quicker server.

  • @Scott – Just for the record, the PFRE blog currently has no affiliation with I used to, but terminated that relationship over 2 years ago.

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