And The SEO Coaching/Mentoring Winners Are…

May 13th, 2013

SuzanneCoachingSuzanne Feinberg in Scottsdale, AZ announced last week that she was going to do some free SEO coaching/mentoring for three PFRE readers.

Suzanne got a bunch of interested readers for her offer. She says:

There were so many compelling stories from PFRE blog readers that it was a very hard choice. As a result, I changed the rules midstream – rather than having 3 winners, I decided on 7 winners. That’s right, call me crazy for creating so much extra work for myself, but I have a strong desire to give back to this community. The following is what I will be providing:

  • A half hour one-on-one session using GoToMeeting to determine where everyone’s SEO currently stands.
  • A half hour one-on-one session using GoToMeeting to go over specific recommendations.
  • Two one hour group sessions to teach SEO basics and give homework assignments
  • A Followup after three months with everyone as a group to go over results.

I will be contacting the winners individually beginning on June 1st.

Here are the winners:

  1. Liz Lopez  – Atlanta, GA
  2. Dan Ryan – Stirling, NJ
  3. Charlotte Rosato – MA
  4. Ethan Tweedie – Big Island, HI
  5. Sinead Hastings – Truckee, CA
  6. John McBay – Southern NJ
  7. Katherine Gooding – Seattle

Thanks Suzanne for your enthusiasm and generosity in undertaking this coaching/mentoring!

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5 Responses to “And The SEO Coaching/Mentoring Winners Are…”

  • Congratulations to all the winners. Now I’m kicking myself for not entering! Suzanne is incredibly generous with her time and talent. It would be nice to have a follow up article to learn the results of her coaching/mentoring sessions.

  • Thanks Amy G. There are so many reasons for everyone to begin working on their SEO. Here is a free tip for everyone.

    When one belongs to or is a part of a community and there is a profile – fill it in as much as possible. Make sure you use key words that tie in nicely with your website. Be sure if the service allow links to a website, that you type in your website name properly. What is proper: use the http:// or https:// before the Linked In, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc are three of the most popular communities and provide users with an ample opportunity to pump your website with plenty of juice for the Search Engine Optimization engines.

    Good luck to everyone and thank you to everyone who entered.

  • Fantastic news Suzanne… you are awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to learn one more aspect of my business that I know needs serious attention. I look forward to speaking with you in June and will certainly share the outcome of your generosity and the results with Larry & this blog. Thanks!

  • Wow! I am grateful for being chosen, thank you Suzanne and Larry for offering this awesome opportunity!!



  • Thanks again Suzanne and Larry. Your genuine generosity to this community is much appreciated.

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