Suzanne Feinberg Offering SEO Coaching/Mentoring To Three PFRE Readers

May 8th, 2013

SEOSuzanne Feinberg in Scottsdale, AZ correctly pointed out to me today that it has been a very long time since I’ve talked about the PFRE photographer directory from a “what can it do for your business stand point”. So Suzanne wrote a guest post on SEO for real estate photographers and offered to coach three PFRE readers on this subject. If you are interested in Suzanne’s offer contact her via her contact page. Here is her post.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Are you using it effectively to help bring in new clients? Do you want it to be so large that people find you nationally or do you want to be found locally? Have you had any formal training or are you just going it on your own? Did you know that your “ranking” isn’t as important as how easily it is to find your company? These are important issues for the real estate photographer. Larry Lohrman has been great in talking about the physical issues of taking the photo, using appropriate equipment and then processing the images. He does this great for stills and for video. We all have learned so much from this blog.

However, there is one topic that we don’t seem to have enough information on, and that is Search Engine Optimization. This changes constantly as the formulas that Google uses are constantly changing. And, google isn’t the only search engine out there. Did you know that if you have good Bing juice that your google juice will rise?

There are two types of SEO – black and white. You don’t want to do black, you do want to do white. This is not an SEO lesson, but rather to point out how to improve your white SEO. Did you know that has some of the best white SEO on the market today and that if you search generally on a local basis, a lot of times your posting or listing on Larry’s blog/directory is what pops up – a lot of times ahead of your website or linked in or facebook entry?

This is because google formulas look for you based on who is linked to you. If the person linking to you has a higher score than you, then you are very likely to be found in the search and more regularly by the crawlers. How does the blog/directory help your SEO.

Blog – every time you respond to the blog your website (if you choose to put it in the form for the response) is linked on your name in the response. When readers click on your name to see more about you, i.e. Suzanne F. they are connected to your website. Everytime someone connects to your website you improve how google and other search engines look at you. As a plus to other readers, I always click on the responders because it then gives them a BOOST. If you stay on the site or if you go through all the pages, you then improve your rating as well.

Directory – again this is a listing on a site with great SEO. Therefore the link pops up more often than not pretty high on the list and in the search. We get a large number of visits from the directory. How do I know – I use google analytics to see where my hits are coming from. (This directly relates to the May 8th blog announcing Larry’s new directory format)

At PowerVision360 Productions we are not just a company that does real estate photography. We are a complete Commercial multimedia production company. However, real estate photography pays the bills nicely and we love the community and the sharing and learning that we find on this blog.

One of the things we offer is SEO coaching and mentoring to other photographers. Just like we offered two years ago – to give a free business coaching session to 3 readers of this blog, we will do this again for mentoring on SEO specifically designed for real estate.

Suzanne Feinberg
PowerVision360 Productions

Again, If you are interested in Suzanne’s offer contact her via her contact page.

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6 Responses to “Suzanne Feinberg Offering SEO Coaching/Mentoring To Three PFRE Readers”

  • Thanks Suzanne. Great post. I just filled out your contact form.

  • Imagine waking up and finding 53 extra emails in the inbox or at 7:00 am having 120 extra hits on your website! Thank you everyone for your great response to my blogpost and thank you Larry Lohrman for your encouragement and support. I will get around today or tomorrow to answering each and everyone of you – so if you haven’t woken up yet or if you are just going to bed if you are out of my time zone – its not over. You still have a chance to be selected as someone who I would be glad to mentor/coach on SEO, just click on a link to my contact page. A little hint to everyone – as you make your daily decisions on the computer – as you noodle around, always think in terms of how will this help my search engine optimization. So I will end this post with a tip: For great Real Estate Photography in Scottsdale, Arizona contact Suzanne Feinberg. (This is not a plug to get business it is to show you key words and location used in a blog. I couldn’t quite figure out how to set it up as anchor text within my response, but at least the words are there for the search engines to crawl.

  • Mahalo Suzanne!

    I understand the importance of SEO! My website/blog had ZERO SEO and I learned a few tricks and added a plugin on my wordpress site and within a week my SEO for Luxury Real Estate Photography here in Hawaii improved drastically. With that said I know I could improve as I feel like a caveman…..

    I went to your site and filled out the contact form.

    Warmest Aloha,


  • Thanks Ethan – I am trying to respond to every email as fast as possible to let everyone know that I have read their emails – who knew the response would be this overwhelming. I just sent an email to Larry Lohrman to let him know that the stories and situations of each person are so faciinating and it will be very hard to make a choice of who needs the coaching the most. Because of the various responses I will choose the people based on three levels of help required. Some of you dont’ even have your website published and therefore need help in establishing good SEO practice – I will pick a winner from this category. Some of you have a website (like Ethan) and have tried some tricks of the trade, but need additional coaching – I’ll choose someone from this category. And, some of you are already advanced but don’t understand how to look at the metrics, what services are out there, what downloads are available for free, etc. – I’ll choose someone from this category. This gives everyone a chance to benefit rather than just beginners.
    Again, thank you everyone for your responses. I will be reviewing your websites and analytics and get back to the winners by the end of the weekend.

    Here’s a quick SEO hint – pick a subject that might help Larry’s readers and try to write a blog post about it and submit it to Larry – with the responses from the readers – you will see a hundredfold increase in your viewership and an increase in juice immediately.

  • Nice tips Suzanne thanks for sharing. I think it’s worth noting that doing some basic SEO to help out your blog is great, but you have to be careful because there’s some things you can do that Google particularly doesn’t like and will actively hurt your site in the Google rankings.

    One example of something you should watch out for is putting your link on bad quality sites (and anything in a questionable sector such as adult entertainment and gambling).

  • SEO is something that every website needs to review on a continual basis. Google and the other search engines do refine their models on a regular basis. However, many of the good SEO practices haven’t really changed. The refinement general are toward rewarding sites with good content, that are regularly updated. The biggest change not related to content has been the speed at which a site loads. That is now part of the equation.

    Directories, while they can be a good source of advertising, have not been part of the Google equation for some time. In fact, the buying and selling of links that pass SEO pagerank (juice) is strictly prohibited in Google’s policies. Here is the link showing that:
    (Please note: The directory here is a good form of ADVERTISING. However, from an SEO standpoint it should not be a primary source of juice)

    Even directories that don’t pass juice aren’t very useful from an SEO perspective. They have little content related to the site subject so pass very little or no juice.

    There are several issue that are common among real estate photography sites. Cleaning these up will result in a general improvement in rankings:
    1) The site uses flash for most or all of it’s content. Google and the other search engine have improved their indexing of flash site, but those site still rank poorly.
    2) Too many photos and not enough content. Google indexes by words, if you don’t have any you won’t rank well.
    3) Not using the alt text for the photos. If you have photos, use the alt text to give the Search engines something to index.
    4) Many pages with the same title.
    5) Not having a site index.
    6) Using your site URL as the text for links pointing to your site. Your sites URL will automatically rank #1. Instead use keywords that describe your site as the text for links.

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