Update Inprocess To The Worldwide PFRE Real Estate Photographer/Videographer Directory

May 7th, 2013

PFREdirectoryThe Worldwide PFRE Directory started out as a spreadsheet in 2006. We’ve made several upgrades to it over the years, and today Cristi,  my “WordPress mechanic”, is in the process of implementing the latest upgrade/redesign to the directory. Here are some of the important features of the new design:

  • The primary goal for the directory redesign was to make the whole process of maintaining the directory less manual for me. With the old directory I had to make updates with an HTML editor. With the new directory you enter your own data in your directory entry, and you can come back, login and update it whenever you like.
  • The new directory is implemented as a WordPress database and is  searchable by country, state and city, or other string.
  • Premium directory entries are show at the top of directory searches.
  • There’s a freeform space for you to add a description of your business, phone number, e-mail all what ever you want (with in reason).
  • Since I don’t have to do all the manual work to maintain it I’m cutting the yearly subscription cost in half. $30/yr for a regular entry and $40/yr for a premium entry.
  • Everyone that’s already in the directory as of the conversion will become permanent at no cost.
  • Cristi has assured me that the new directory redesign will keep the top SEO ranking that the old directory has.

I’ll be updating this post when Cristi gets the new directory up and running. I won’t promise any particular time or date. If every thing goes well the new directory should be operational sometime 5/8 or 5/9. While we are updating the new directory registrations have been turned off.

Update late 5/8: Directory update is going well we expect to have the new directory live some time on 5/9. You can look at the new directory here. I will probably do a post on 5/9 to explain some of the new features.

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2 Responses to “Update Inprocess To The Worldwide PFRE Real Estate Photographer/Videographer Directory”

  • Looking forward to the changes but with one question:

    At the moment I presume I’ll be in the standard part of the directory for no cost since I’m already registered.

    However, what would it cost to upgrade to a premium listing after the new directory goes public and will this be a permanent one-time upgrade cost for the photographer or can we do this in the next day or so to get included.

    Just when you think you’ve got everything covered, along comes someone with another question. 🙂

    Thanks Larry.

  • @Michael- yes, you are right, I didn’t think about upgrades to existing directory entries. Anyone that wants to do that can just contact me directly, and I’ll do a manual upgrade until I automate an update.

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