The Baddest Real Estate Machine On Wheels!

May 6th, 2013

Baddest_Real_Estate_MachineI’ve done a post about Pennsylvania Realtor, Jeffrey Hogue before, but Jeffrey and his bucket truck are such a special story I think the occasion of Jeffrey re-painting the truck is a reason to feature him again. When is the last time you saw a real estate agent that believed strongly enough in marketing and photography that they would go out and buy a bucket truck just to make sure they got good elevated front shots!

All you have to do is look at Jeffrey’s website and it says it all. Jeffrey has great listing photos (better than some professionals) and expresses a true passion for photography and marketing. It’s no accident that Jeffrey has been a top agent in his market for 10 years. Being passionate about marketing is what makes you a top agent.

Jeffrey says:

Several years ago I stumbled onto a web site named “PFRE”. One of the posts was about how photographers take elevated photos of homes. I have always loved photography and wielded a pretty mean camera when taking photos of my listings. Then “PFRE” introduced me to Scott Hargis and I purchased his ebook. That was probably the most expensive book I ever purchased! I went out an bought about $20,000 in Cameras, lenses & lighting that was consistent with what Scott uses. I studied and practiced his techniques for months. This along with my extensive background as a Realtor (18 Years as one of the top in my area), my ability to create real estate web sites and my sheer lust for marketing were not enough. No no, I had to find something that no one had and make it work. I listed a home that was owned by a Tree Specialist and he had a bucket truck. That was it. I took my extreme passion for real estate, photography, web design & marketing and purchased a class 8 (25.000 GVW) bucket truck. I designed the wrap and viola. There it was. The meanest, most beautiful real estate billboard on wheels with a bucket lift for aerial photos of my listings and storage for all my signs. The moral of this story is simple. Invest in yourself and your abilities. It is the best money you will ever spend. The truck has been the talk of the town. It was in the local paper, real estate ads, Active Rain blogs & now PFRE.. What an honor!. Thank you “PFRE” for the inspiration and information to help me go farther.

There are only a handful of real estate agents that can do photography at this level, and many of them are PFRE readers and contributors. My hat is off to Jeffrey for the great marketing job he is doing. He is a model for the successful agent.

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9 Responses to “The Baddest Real Estate Machine On Wheels!”

  • I have something similar – a painter’s pole with a GoPro mounted to the top. I taped my business card and a photo of myself to it but so far I only get weird looks when shooting houses.

  • Jeff, what model is this? I’ve looked for one since I saw the last feature Larry did a year or so ago. Hard to find.

  • Jeff that thing is AWSOME! I have to agree with one of your statements, “Invest in yourself and your abilities. It is the best money you will ever spend.” and I would add to that, you have to spend money to make money. You spent it, but I’m willing to bet it’s an investment you would make again in a heart beat.

    P.S. Don’t worry about the kids, my parents had a ’91 GMC Suburban with thier companies name slapped all over the sides of it when I was growing up, I’m fine now so they’ll do ok. (Albiet the Suburban is big, but not bucket truck big)

  • By the way, looks great in Weichert black and yellow.

  • Real estate photography is so many things. Most of all it is finished product competitive and it is marketing competitive. Jeff does an awesome job at both. I admire his drive and his development of skills. I admire his ability to see what will bring in the business – real estate photographywise as well as selling and getting listings. Great job Jeff and if I must say – investing in Scott Hargis for workshops and ebooks (we haven’t purchased his videos yet, but I am sure they are as good or better than what everyone is talking about) is the best investment Brad and I ever made. Good luck with everything and Larry L. thanks for sharing these success stories and helping to inspire all of us every day.

  • ditto Suzanne F. on everything! Scott and Malia’s video series wonderful!

  • It is an extreme honor to be featured in PFRE again. Thank you Larry and all who look upon this web site. Your comments are greatly appreciated! I make this web site a favorite and keep it close. It is one of the best tools I have to serve my customers! Yes…The truck helps too!

    Think the truck is interesting, how about this video:

    This plays at every home game for the Fightin Phils (Reading Phillies) Double A team of the Philadelphia Phillies.

  • LOL, I thought of this here in the Dominican Republic and imagined it`d be seen a bit extreme, thank God someone else pulled the trick and it works well there! I`m ordering a crane to get the high shots, sort of the one used for movie making. The assembling takes time but it`s worth it. There`s nothing better than getting true quality shots and videos, when it comes to real estate.

  • Hey Jeffrey, I see you’ve been featured here:

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