This Week In Real Estate Video #55 – Google Earth Fly-ins

April 26th, 2013

JimBarnesJim Barnes sent me a link to one of his videos this week that he uses a Google Earth fly-in to the property at the beginning. Jim’s video is one of the most stunning examples of a fly-in sequence that I’ve seen used for real estate. He combines the Google Earth fly-in with the cloud shot at the beginning, and a crane shot at the end to give the feel that you are flying around at very low altitude. Great job Jim!

If you’ve seen Fred Light’s videos, Fred frequently uses a Google Earth fly-ins at the beginning of many of his videos.

It takes a little time to learn how to use Google Earth to make these fly-in simulations, but I think it is worth the time and energy to learn how to use it. I need to point out that using Google Earth for a business requires that you subscribe to Google Earth Pro which is $399/year.

Microsoft has put a virtual earth feature in Bing that as I understand is free but I’ve never used it or seen it used for real estate fly-ins so I don’t know how good it is. has anyone out there used it?

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13 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #55 – Google Earth Fly-ins”

  • OMG! It’s simply amazing! I’ve never seen something like this! I really love see the behind the scenes of this video.

  • Anyone notice the mixture of stills with the video insert? The HDR breakfast room with the look-out onto the fireplace that is burning. Nice touch.

  • I’ve never seen such an amazing video that is rich of everything. Is there a tutorial on this or can it be created? I just love this and thanking Jim Barns and you Larry for sharing. Such beauty.

  • @Joanne – There is no tutorial that I know of, but you could pose questions to Jim about how he made this.

  • I was amazed last week when I saw it on a real estate blog (sorry Larry…strayed to another blog 🙂 ) Simply amazing how starts out blending and improving the standard Google Earth. And Fred, while I have sen your work before, congratualations on the CBS Evening News feature.

    While I am about to assemble my first community based video (yeah!) was thinking about Google Earth last week, but $399 is a little steep at this point. While “free” is one of my favorite words, I downloaded Bing. Unfortunately, it lags behind Google significantly. Zoom is steplike, lacking focus, then coming in. Overall yellow cast as I looked at several addresses in different cities. And my house was taken sometime during the 2 months of the year when the grass is brown. Glad I unchecked the box when installing tp make MSN my homepage and Bing maps the default.

  • Navigating Google Earth is a bit like playing a video game. The secret is the 3D mouse and here is a video that gets pretty close to showing how it’s done.
    Consider amortizing the cost of the Google Earth annual subscription over the number of videos you produce each year. I’ve got it down to less than $10.00 per listing and that doesn’t count the WOW factor that is achieved when attracting new business.
    Full disclosure, my wife and I work together full time as sales and marketing partners in our real estate business and this has been a factor in helping attract new clients especially with higher end properties.

  • I’d like to find out where they (and everyone else) gets their music? I have a truly free “royalty free” site that I use, but would like to find sites that would help me expand my library. I’m open to both reasonable paid and unpaid sites. I just don’t want to pay $99/$199 per track on a piece that i might use only once or twice a year. Thanks!

  •…while their single product regular license very low priced. Also, they have a “free” download with regular license each month.
    likewise is their sister company – – with similar marketing structure, but After Effect projects instead of music.

  • @ Jim- Thank you. You’re a great resource to have on this board. I feel this fly-in adds a great value, especially for those marketing to buyers that are not familiar with the area.

  • Hi Jim,
    First off, amazing videos. I checkout out some of your other videos on your youtube channel.
    I also work with RE/MAX (in Canada) and I’m wondering how you get the RE/MAX balloon above the property in the Google Earth fly-in.
    Thanks Mike

  • Jim, thanks for the link. Another music site is TripleScoop is more expensive and it is a good idea to make sure that the licensing terms will work with your project.

    Anybody have more places to get licensed music? The last thing I would want is for one of my customers to get a nasty email about copyright infringement.

  • Long time listner, 1st time caller…

    I just found a vendor on Fiverr that will provide Google Earth videos.

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