This Week In Real Estate Video #54 – IMAGEInation In Sydney and New York

April 19th, 2013

ImageNationDavid Ross of sent me a couple of examples of shoots that the crews from have shot recently:

Profile Video in NYC:
Profile videos are of course very subjective and often you are managing that separation between what an agent wants and what the marketing department wants for the brand, which is usually something that is “templated” for consistency’s sake. What are the challenges with creating video profiles? Ultimately you don’t want profiles to be simply glorious self promotions, but actually valuable profiles that help build a brand.

A Luxury Property Shot With A UAV: has rolled out an integrated product in their Oz network. David says it’s early days, but the concept of video shot from UAVs is catching on quickly in Australia. David points out that there are challenges such as managing volume with certified quality vendors (we outsource to CASA certified companies) and getting clearance for restricted airspace from CASA (which can take up to 21 days). Putting that 21 days into perspective the bulk of Sydney and Melbourne properties are sold via auction (a standard 4-5 week marketing cycle) so a potential 3 week lead in is not going to work.

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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #54 – IMAGEInation In Sydney and New York”

  • I am not surprised that such a creative profile video is coming from the same talented people that produced the Portsea resort video.
    In my humble opinion, profile videos are the most challenging videos that real estate film makers have to produce. I have heard some very talented film makers write them off altogether as useless or a bad idea becasue no one wants to see a broker talking about themselves to a camera. This is true and becasue these pieces are so important for brokers and challenging to do well it opens up not just an opportunity, but a need for us to stretch ourselves creatively.
    Profile videos, more than any other kind, have the power to damage or promote a clients brand and one reason we see talking head videos is that many brokers don’t see the risk and opportunity.
    I hope we see more profile videos of this quality being produced in the US this year. We certainly are seeing a increase in them in our area. Nice work, this goes on my list of favorites along with Portsea.

  • I have to say the music starts out great and has my attention with the clips from the air, but then…..the realtor starts out by making a very bold statement about the home which I’m waiting to hear more about then nothing but distracting music and he never comes back until the end only to say goodbye and introduce his new partner that apparently couldn’t make it for the introduction to the video! It was non educational about the home and now I have to find his website and read up on it to see what it’s all about. The only story that was told in that video was that this is obviously a kick ass place, it’s on Sydney harbour, which is massive BTW and that his partner Adrian is a puppet that doesn’t speak and only gets to be there for the end of the video. Sorry guys for the money you spent on this video, you should have made it more informative rather than a few quick expensive visuals. Also is it the entire building or just a section of it?

    Can you imagine a multi million dollar movie putting out a 2.5 minute trailer and not saying a thing, just showing clips of the movie with no words? “This september….(clips of visuals)….Please come see this movie” BORRRRINGGGG.

  • Thanks Heath. The concept of agent profiles versus the application tends to be overshadowed by the very fact that people don’t like real estate agents
    giving us a gratuitous sell of their services without sincerity or understanding of what people are looking for in an agent (which is very much market and property dependent) and is often very different from what the agent thinks they want to see. Getting this mix right is often difficult.

    Matt, I suppose I was looking for comments more around the use of UAV’s than the agents piece to camera or piece itself but I do appreciate your comments on the video! Please understand that in Australia there are 2 main real estate portals where the significant majority of property searchers go to view videos like these, and usually play embedded within the listing surrounded by informational content. Videos with music, no supers and no agent are becoming more popular within the prestige section of some of the Oz markets that we service as it allows you to focus solely on the property, without “distraction” from supers, agent or voice over…..

  • Left guys chin twitch @1:02 – “i really really feel awkward…”


  • IMHO, The agent profile video is great! having worked as a real estate agent in NYC I know how people think of RE agents as slimy opportunistic vermin… This video does every effort to debunk that misconception. and does a good job at that as well. The ‘off the beaten track’ look of the agent himself and the way the video was presented, with almost no eye contact during the interview with the agent added alot to the sincerety and realism of the product. Very goos work.

    As for the second video, it didn’t do the job. It was way too short, lacked narration (which seemed to be expected as the video opened with an agent introduction). And as a team of 2 brokers, why was only one presented and the second appear only at the end? almost as if he’s the sidekick or intern…
    Bottom line is that the actual features of the house were not shown…. and the video was way too short. On the other hand, the UAV shots are very well executed and I would like to understand how they were accomplished….

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