A Behind The Scenes Look At A UAV Shoot By Allan MacKenzie

April 9th, 2013

I was talking to Allan MacKenzie today and he was saying:

UAV photography has exploded for RE down under. They are popping up everywhere mostly for aerial front shots. Not everyone is licensed and civil aviation approved but we are, and I sell this as a point of difference in the marketplace for example – “Transfer your liability!! We have the professional experience, insurance and approvals.” There are about 5 forms  to fill out before every commercial job, sort of like a flight plan and risk assessment to maintain the accreditation .

This behind the scenes demo video is a great example of the raw video before stabilisation from 0:00 to 1:08 and then the after stabilisation we see the final edit after 1:08 to the end.

Oh yeah, I should point out Allan is in Australia, don’t try this in the US just yet. I haven’t researched the law in Canada or Europe. Is anyone up to speed with the laws in those countries?

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6 Responses to “A Behind The Scenes Look At A UAV Shoot By Allan MacKenzie”

  • Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  • Nice job, I want one!
    I can only go up approx 40 feet from my Van, but only on non-windy days.

    Most of the time I need to be at least 75 feet to see over the homes.

    The AUV would be the ticket for me.

  • First time posting but have been on the site for years.

    WOW results looks great!! I am considering purchasing one of these UAV’s to add to my business – Do you mind if I ask which company you purchased yours from?

    Also – Are they easy/hard to fly? What camera are you using on it??

    Thanks for your time in advance – Brad.

  • Thanks Brad, my pilot goes to this supplier UAV is no picnic for sure, it requires skill and focused concentration. Furthermore for video production, I would recommend that someone pilots and someone else is the DP on the split calling the shots which is how we operate. The camera used in this sequence was the JVC GY – HM100 . Now progressed to the Sony NX30 – Attached is a test my pilot done recently straight out of the camera, very smooth

    Soon we will have gimbals fitted so as the DP I can turn the camera to my desired POV during flight. Good luck with it all mate, one thing for sure it really does enhance the production values. Thought you may be interested? This was the final edited result from that shoot – We got 48000+ views on you tube for this vid so I was quite thrilled with the media publicity we received –

  • Allan you might want to look at this very advanced gimbal control. 3 axis is on it’s way and it will be interesting to see the reviews of RCTimers gimbal when it’s out later this month for under $500.00 you could have a great stabilization mount.

  • Thanks Greg that looks awesome, cheers for that.

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