Six New Videos Being Added To Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video Series

April 4th, 2013

RealWorldScott and Malia will adding seven new video episodes to the Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video Series over the coming weeks. The first episode will go up Friday 4/5, and another one will be added each week to 10 days as they come out of editing.

Each new video will be a one-on-one session with Scott going over a real world interior photo situation that someone found particularly challenging to compose and light and submitted to Scott for review and help. I just reviewed the first new video episode, and I think this is a great idea. Scott goes over in detail what the photographer is having difficulties with and makes suggestions on how the lighting and composition problem can be solved.

If you are already a subscriber to the Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video Series you will get an email each time a new video goes up. If you are not a subscriber and interested in raising the quality of your interior lighting skills, I highly recommend the series.

These seven new episodes raise the number videos in the series to 29. To me the online video series is a perfect media to learn Scott’s interior lighting technique and complement to his lighting book. I first attended one of Scott’s workshops back in 2008 and Scott is just getting better and better at explaining and teaching his approach to photographing interiors.

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11 Responses to “Six New Videos Being Added To Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video Series”

  • Way cool! I’ve been waiting with baited breath!

  • We have trouble counting – it’s actually SEVEN new videos coming in this new series. 🙂

  • Awesome, can’t wait!

  • Right on! I didn’t make a complete fool of myself! Here is my final version of the image:!i=1983271658&k=R99RNVG&lb=1&s=A

    It was a 5 image stack processed in LR/Enfuse with some further toning down of the various color casts in Adobe Lightroom.

    Thanks Scott I really enjoyed the discusion and feedback!

  • Rick, you were awesome! That’s why we led off with your episode!
    Thanks a bunch!

  • I can’t wait to see them. I always need lighting tips

  • Would have been great if Rick went back in and applied what he had learned. I fell like somebody left off the last chapter in the book!

  • @Ryder – I hear ya! I wish I could have been able to go back to that property and shoot it again. It sold the next day! Which is good news for both my client and I. This means we’re doing a good job for the home owner!

    I’m still using a mix of bracketed shots for LR/Enfuse and speedlights. I rather like having both options in my toolbox. They each can solve a given problem in their own way. Niether is perfect in all situations. I love the results I get from both of them. One thing that has helped me the most in my work is to shrink down the view of a given space to a much more intimate composition. This really helps to solve a tricky lighting problem and creates a better end result.

    The image we used for the interview was a critical shot for the property. This home has a huge open floor plan on the main floor. We wanted to capture that vast space in one image (but without going too wide). As you saw in the video it had all sorts of light sources! Greens from outside, oranges from interior lights, and grey shadows in-between. And I had only recently started using speedlights. So, I chose to fall back to what I was more comfortable with and did a bracket set for later processing in LR/Enfuse. The end result was more important than the chosen tool.

    My interview with Scott opened my eyes to what’s possible in a huge space. These are where I tend to fall back to my bracket sets. Smaller rooms and smaller scenes I am comfortable with.

    The endless learning process is what drives me forward! I love it!

  • Ryder, with real estate photography we almost never get the opportunity to go back and re-shoot things. Generally, the house belongs to someone else (who as zero motivation for this) long before we’re able or interested in going back for a re-shoot.

  • Rick, you make a great point that sometimes finding a pleasing tighter crop can open up worlds of strobe placement possibilities. I struggled with light placement for a while before realizing that I can still show off the spaciousness of a room without having to show it ALL.

    And don’t forget, many times you can stick an umbrella’d strobe outside a window or sliding glass door if you need light but don’t have the interior space to hide it.

  • What I try to keep in mind when pondering a room is “what can I do to attract a buyer to visit this property?” Because that is the end goal. I strongly feel that less is more. Narrower views, and intimate scenes done very well will always win. An MLS listing has one purpose and one purpose only – attract the buyer to visit the property!

    Scott taught me this via his book and videos. And it really works! Thanks Scott for helping me elevate my work!

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