This Week In Real Estate Video #51 – Why Real Estate Video?

March 29th, 2013

9/122 Mooloomba Road Stradbroke Island -By Dave Dyer, Brisbane, AU: If you’ve been reading This Week in Real Estate Video since the beginning you may remember Dave. He’s the guy with the shinny head back in #6 that gives the awesome pitch on why agents should be using video. Dave has been “eating his own dog food” and has been cranking out some great video for the agents down there in Brisbane. The Stradbroke Island video is some of his latest work. Great job Dave!

Canada West Coast – Why Video? – By Jamie Walker and Jacob McNeil, Vancouver and Vancouver Island, BC: I heard from my old friends Jamie and Jacob this week, who’s video I’ve been admiring since back before they started to work for Jamie and Jacob are now running the operation in western Canada. They’ve put together this impressive video on why use video for real estate. They were good before the joined, but I think they’ve gotten even better working with the crew!



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3 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #51 – Why Real Estate Video?”

  • Impressive video Jamie and Jacob. Your work is inspiring!

  • It’s always a balancing act with realtors promoting their listings. But I feel Julie (Mooloomba Road) did a fantastic job with providing added value to the video but not distracting by selling herself – that just happens naturally. Dave did a great job with the beautiful images and editing. That’s a wonderful real estate video.

  • Free, easy, natural and comfortable warm approach to look what we have here to tell, show you for a property listing. Video is on demand, now. What buyers want, sellers expect and properties deserve.

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