You Can Now Get The Entire Nik Plugin Collection for $149

March 26th, 2013

NikByGoogleUpdate 4/11/2013: Here is a way to get the Nik Plugin Collection for $126.65. Use the the coupon code “HDRsoftware15” at this website:

There are many professional real estate photographers that use the Nik plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture. These are all powerful tools for photo-editing that extend the speed and power of the applications they are used with. Although I haven’t used these plugins in the past I’ve always been very impressed by the live demos at Scott Kelby’s seminars.

There are also many that don’t use Nik plugins because they have been so expensive. Depending on when and where you purchased them the whole suite could have cost you $500. I always thought the plugins were a bit over priced.

Last year Google bought Nik Software and A few days ago Google announced that it is reducing the prices of the Nik Software plugin suite to $149. Wow, what a deal! I got several emails today from ecstatic real estate photographers that were happy about this huge price drop. Google is also apparently giving existing users a free update to the plugins.

Google has committed to continue to evolve the Nik plugins, and they have already made some improvements to the plugin suite, like a common installer that works on Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Aperture.

You may want to take a closer look at Nik plugins, I am.

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15 Responses to “You Can Now Get The Entire Nik Plugin Collection for $149”

  • Use coupon code DZISER to drop the price further down to $126.65.

  • I used the coupon code yesterday after someone shared it on a local photog group. I can confirm it works. Thanks for sharing, Dave. That is a fantastic price for the suite, for sure!

  • Is this substantially better or faster than just using light room or camera raw to adjust stuff? I’ve never heard of the suite before, the pictures look great on the site but a lot of you guys use this with good success?

  • Thats crazy good. I ‘ve got a few. Guess it can’t be bought individually

  • Which program is better Nik or TopazLabs?
    I have the complete package of Topaz including the stand alone, but have no experience with Nik.

  • If you own even just one of the filters the whole suite is free. They should have sent you the link.

  • I’ve been using Nik’s software for years and love it. It speeds up my workflow. I also use Topaz, but find myself using Nik more often. And what a deal.


  • @William, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I use NIK products inside of photoshop as part of my workflow…although, you can use them inside of lightroom. I ALMOST NEVER finish an image without taking a trip through photoshop for spot adjustments… partially because I’ve been using PS for so long. It’s a hard beast to let go 🙂

    But the point of NIK filters is to give you something that you can’t get inside of lightroom or camera raw. There are countless photographers that buy color efex just for the tonal contrast filter alone.

    For everyone who isn’t familiar with NIK plugins, I suggest you take the free trials for a spin.

  • Hi Suzane
    I already have two filters . you said the rest are free? Does anyone have the link?

  • My most used plug-in is Vivenza. You will never use a graduated filter in Lightroom or Photoshop again. This is surgical precision placing control points right where you want to make adjustments. Perhaps a hotspot on the flash you want to bring down. Or a darkened area you want to lighten. Yesterdays shoot, great sun on the front but the front door was set way in in dark shaddow. Vivenza brightened the covered entry and door. Likewise todays, heavily wooded creating bright and dark spots on the front (but nailed the sky). Vivenza to the rescue.

  • Robert
    Google/Nik is sending an email to current customers. Check your spam filter as some received the email yesterday. Also, if you purchased those in the last four weeks (I think Feb 22 to present) they will refund the difference back to you.

  • Excellent new… I use normally Viveza, it’s an amazing plugin for retouching my photos of hotels… Good new, because NIK Software was most expensive.

  • Used coupon today and worked like a charm. Many thanks.

  • Awesome! Sent them a message a couple weeks back telling them they need to lower price. Obviously didn’t get a response, but am excited to see they finally did it!! I too used the coupon code and it worked like a charm so thank you Dave Williamson!

  • Dave, I bought with the discount code and it work fine, thank you, the total price was excellent!

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