Which Wireless Flash Trigger(s) Do You Use?

March 12th, 2013

PocketWizardA year ago I built a a page for wireless triggers. You can also get there by clicking “triggers”  in the menu bar along the top of the blog.

Since flash triggers are so central to lighting with small flashes most real estate photographers use them to at least trigger one flash if not multiple flashes. My goal for this page is to list all the popular wireless triggers in use in real estate photography and a corresponding reader usage poll that shows which are the most popular ones.

I like reader polls because they give us all insights from our collective wisdom which is much more important than just one persons opinion. When you are able to see user usage distribution of 100s of people taking the poll it’s insightful. After about 12 months the poll has almost 500 participants here are the top 5  triggers:

  1. Pocket Wizard Plus II – On top probably because the Plus III just came out when this poll went up.
  2. Yongnou RF-602
  3. Cactus V5
  4. CyberSync
  5. Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 & MiniTT1 Canon

If you haven’t already, please take the poll if you use wireless triggers and leave a comment if you think that I’ve over looked a trigger you think is important.

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16 Responses to “Which Wireless Flash Trigger(s) Do You Use?”

  • I may have just “re-voted”…or as they say “vote early, vote often”.

    But seriously, this is an update as earlier would have voted for the Cactus V5. However after issues that required me too convert to my expensive backup system (Nikon CLS – with corresponding SB600/900 collection) on too regular a basis, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Pocket Wizard and the slight additional premium for the TT5/TT1 and AC3 controller due to the SB speedlight collection, otherwise would have gotten the Plus III’s. Still shoot manual, but nice to know can switch to TTL, Life is sweet! The Cactus V5’s were relegated to triggers for pole photography…except I got the CamRanger 2 weeks ago.

  • I just bought a pair of the new speedlight YN560III and with one YN 603 on camera and they make a good team. For the time being, it´s a very reliable combination and cheaper, thanks to the built-in wireless trigger.

  • I’ve been using RadioPopper JrX’ s for several years and they have saved me a ton of time and a couple pairs of sneakers. I’m shooting with a Nikon D800 or D600 and using mostly SB-80DX’s. One big advantage of the RadioPoppers is the ability to dial up/down the power directly from the transmitter on the camera. Yea, you can do that with CLS (if all your flashes can see the Commander which isn’t always possible or practical). You can control up to three different Speedlights (or groups of Speedlights) with the transmitter. These should work just as well with some of the newer, less expensive flashes from companies like Yougnuo but I haven’t tested them.

  • We use our Canon Speedlites 600EX with its own radio transmitters. They work great both inside and outside and are extremely reliable.

  • I’ve been using Cactus 5, mainly because they were pretty inexpensive. So far they’ve been great. However, if I ever decide to do a major upgrade I’ll probably do Pocket Wizards. The Cactus work fine, but seem cheaply made and somewhat fragile.

  • I’m using the CLS in my Nikons (D90 and D7000) and they work just fine. There are a few tricks to using them (try turning them upside down to put the sensor on the line-of-site side). But, they work just fine and it’s a lot handier and less expensive than using transmitters ands receivers.

  • Because I use ProFoto D1 Air Strobes in the Studio, I use ProFoto Air Remotes for the Nikon Flashes.

  • I’ve been using my 60D’s built in wireless with the 580EX, and YNs with the built in optical slaves. But I’m buying the YN 603 right now. How can you go wrong for the money? As long as you have a back up plan to revert to if something goes wrong, the 602 and 603 have pretty good reviews.

  • Suggest you add the Yongnuo YN-622c to the list. Love mine!

  • I’m reasonably new to using strobes, I have three AB1600’s with the CyberSync and it is very easy to use, reliable and programable.

  • I use Phottix with 4 off camera SB’s with a Nikon D800…

  • Elinchrom Skyport, reliable, small and there are universal and dedicated models.

  • thanks for the article. I’ve never found it necessary to use wireless flash when doing normal day to day real estate photography but by the looks of the comments it seems quite popular. i may have to look into it further. cheers

  • I believe that the Yongnou RF-602 and the Yongnou RF-603 should be combined in this poll, e.g. Yongnou RF-602/603. The difference is that one is for Canon and one for Nikon; otherwise, they are basically the same. In the current poll results, this would move the Yongnou RF-602/603 to a vote count of 97 (~17%). This would be a better representation of real results.

  • Sorry! Please disregard my previous post. The Yongnou RF-602 and RF-603 are indeed different models and both have a Canon and Nikon version.

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