This Week In Real Estate Video #47 – Olive 8 And Fripp Island

March 1st, 2013

Olive8There several property videos that I ran across this week that caught my attention:

Olive 8 by Malia Campbell: Malia did a great job on this video, highlighting the killer views of all the classic sights that a downtown Seattle condo on the 31st floor has to offer. I  like the the iPlayerHD presentation that Malia is using on this one. It’s big and elegant looking, be sure to watch this one full screen!

331 Ocean Point Drive, Fripp Island SC by Heath Cowart: This video uses dialog between a home owner who invites her friend to visit her vacation home for the weekend to weave together a video story of this vacation home. I like the way Heath has used time-lapse sequences to add drama to several of the landscape shots. Nice job Heath!

8469 Hillside Ave. Sunset Strip: Eric Lavey of Teles properties in Beverly Hills is the listing agent. I don’t know Eric so I don’t know if he shot this or he had someone else shoot it for him. This video caught my attention mostly because it is so different. I have mixed feelings about it because of the dark feel that the background music  creates. I understand the rational behind choosing this track but videos are not rational they are about feeling.

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #47 – Olive 8 And Fripp Island”

  • Three amazing and inspirational videos. And what’s so cool is each one is so different. There’s now cookie cutter way to make a real estate video and these three are proving that. But what’s pretty special about these is that Malia, Heath and Eric really created these videos targeting specific buyers. I don’t think they are excluding potential buyers, but it seems they have a good understanding of what the buyer might be like and they created these video to resonate with a specific demographic of buyers. Find your target audience and aim for them. I love it.

  • Thanks for the feature, Larry! It’s always great to be up here with so many other great filmmakers!

    That Olive 8 condo went under contract in less than a week with multiple offers! Mark Linvill is a rockstar!

  • Thanks Larry and Charlie
    Charlie, you are right on, we go to great lengths to understand and speak specifically to the demographic that will be our buyer without eliminating anyone. The days of one size fits all virtual tours are over and the future of real estate video lies in in creating carefully crafted messages targeted at a specific demographic.
    We feel that creating these communications using language, sound, and visual aspects is our greatest offering and the area where we are focusing the hardest.
    Getting the message across to our clients that video is a powerful tool for communication that can be so much more than beautiful images stung together is a challenge that we are trying to overcome. My solution is to teach workshops on creating scripts and concepts for real estate video along with my brother who teaches how to perform authentically on camera.
    Thanks again.

  • Wow! Thanks for the compliments! Developing the ‘concept’ for each video is a time consuming process. We take very seriously the responsibility we have to the homeowner and the viewer to communicate an honest, yet effective marketing piece. The Fripp video took the better part of a day brainstorming ideas on how to introduce an area, a lifestyle, a community and a home in a manner that kept the viewer engaged for what ended up being over 4 minutes. Initial feedback has been fantastic and we are honored to have been referenced in the blog…thanks again Larry!

  • Great videos, unique with different styles, all really good. Something to consider adding to my workflow. The most bizarre thing about this post is seeing Malia’s video on Olive 8 residences (in the same building a Hyatt Olive 8). I just shot the Hyatt Olive 8 hotel a couple of weeks ago. Malia, maybe our paths have crossed?

    Hyatt Olive 8 Seattle:

    Ilona Berzups
    Mission-Based Photography?

  • I am curious….what is the going rate for a production like Olive 8? I would think a video like that should cost the buyer a few thousand dollars. What is the industry supporting these days with cheaper production equipment?

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