Quick And Easy Way To Get Higher Google Ranking For Your Website

February 26th, 2013

Google PlacesI revisit this subject periodically because I think it is something everyone with a website needs to do.

Google ranking is always related to a specific search term. The search term you are interested in as a real estate photographer is “real estate photographer your-town“. The idea is, when an agent in your-town does a google search for “real estate photographer your-town” you want to be listed as high as possible on the first result page so searchers see your website listing and click on it.

Here is a quick and simple way to get your site high on the first page of search results exactly where you want it: Sign up for Google Places. Being registered on Google Places has a several of benefits:

  1. When someone is using google maps and searches for “real estate photographer” it will show your business and site with a little map pin.
  2. Also when someone googles “real estate photographer your-town” you are right up there on top with the search results… unless there are a bazillion other real estate photographers registered on google places in the same location. Ultimately where you are ranked will depend on how many people registered before you.
  3. If you are so lucky to be the first real estate photographer in your town to register you get top ranking immediately!

An example of this is that I registered with google places in about 2008 when I did the first post on this subject and in my sleepy little town (Salem, Oregon) I got top ranking since I was the only real estate photographer registered on google places. Now there are still only one other real estate photographer registered in Salem. So if any one googles “real estate photographer Salem Oregon” there I am up towards the top of the page. However, many folks in Seattle that read my post registered with google places and didn’t get as good result as I got here in Salem. In Seattle if you register with google places you don’t even get on the first page for the search term “real estate photographer Seattle” because there are pages and pages of real estate photographers in Seattle. So you can see this works way better in locations where there isn’t massive competition.

Oh yea, I should mention. After registering your business with google places google will send you a letter with a pin number on it that they want you to use to verify your information. This is just to make sure your address is not bogus. If you don’t go through the verification process eventually your business listing with google will go away.

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7 Responses to “Quick And Easy Way To Get Higher Google Ranking For Your Website”

  • This same reasoning also seems to apply to ‘first come, first served’ listings for neighborhoods as well, which can really help out in larger metro areas. I’ve used this successfully for a couple businesses in the past few years in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland.

    ie. ‘business key word St. Johns’

    Really love your site! Keep up the good work.

  • Those of you with wordpress blogs should use the Yoast SEO plugin. When you write your blog post, use Larry’s suggestions above and you’ll see immediate results. I use it on my real estate blog and have seen great results from it.

  • The only people who call me from a Google search are FSBOs and other one-time-only-clients. Not that that’s bad or anything but, in Seattle anyway, I wouldn’t rely on high Google rankings to get more (steady) business. The best source of new business for me is referrals from my clients and postcards that I leave at offices.

  • Malia is absolutely right, having good google ranking isn’t going to by itself get you a bunch of customers. Personal referrals are the best source of customers for photographers and Realtors. But being at the top of the google search page just gives you more credibility and visibility and builds your brand. Notice that Google thinks Malia is doing something right since she is #3 for the search term “real estate photographer seattle”. There only two photographers ahead of her. One is Dan Achatz who was probably doing real estate photography before Malia was born:) and the photographer who has #1 ranking has the search term “real estate photographer seattle” (without spaces) as his domain name. That’s another trick that gets you top ranking fast.

  • How nice, if it weren’t for the fact that the map pin points your exact house even if you don’t want to display your address. I prefer would-be thieves not have a simple haul location system 🙂

  • Don’t forget that you’re “NAP” should be EXACTLY the same for every place you create a Google citation. Google citations are the core for your local SEO. The NAP (Business Name, Address, Phone Number) is how Google determines if your business is legit. For example, if you create a local citation of your business with the NAP as “John Doe Real Estate”, “777 E Coral St”, “(777) 555-555” and you create another citation with the NAP as “Jason Doe Real Estate”, 778 E Coral St”, (777) 999-555″ Google will not be able to determine which is the real information and therefor you will be ranked lower. The more citations you have that are EXACTLY the same the higher you will rank for your local keyword. Hopefully this will give you a little more guidance before you start.

  • Try to encourage positive reviews on your Google Place and leave comments on other business places, perhaps you have sold your home. Ad your best photos make sure they have good relevant titles not just a number.

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