Congratulations Jason Roehner February PFRE Photographer Of the Month

February 24th, 2013

JasonRoehnerFeb2013 The PFRE jury has voted Jason Roehner’s photo of this Scottsdale, AZ property as the winner of the February contest. This month is Jason’s second photographer of the month win. He won back in September 2012.

Here is the voting results:

  1. Jason Roehner – 49
  2. Ilona Berzups -19
  3. Nestor Trillo – 16
  4. Luke Phillips -12
  5. David Jones – 10
  6. Matthew Waclo– 8
  7. Mike Higginson – 5
  8. Dean Hales – 5
  9. John Nilsson – 5
  10. Greg Dean – 3
  11. Mark McHugh – 3
  12. Volker Deitenbach – 3
  13. Travis Edmunds – 2

Here are Jason’s comments on the technical details of this photo:

This is a home I photographed a couple months ago during twilight but it was an overcast night that didn’t do the view much justice, and I ended up going back this month to shoot daytime photos of the property. For this living room photo I had speedlight on the patio to accent the outdoor furniture, then shot 3 photos inside with an Einstein strobe and shoot-through-umbrella, and 1 ambient photo for the ceiling and pendant lights. The three flash photos controlled the window brightness, and masked together pretty easily to light different parts of the room. This desert house had high ceilings and no direct light coming in the windows, so the shoot-through-umbrella really helped because bounce flash wasn’t going anywhere, and with the right placement the window reflections were kept to a minimum. After raw conversion the final image came together with a few minutes in Photoshop.

I’m leaving all the photos up in the contest flickr group so everyone can see and comment on the photos for the rest of February. Thanks everyone for all the educational comments comments and participation!

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7 Responses to “Congratulations Jason Roehner February PFRE Photographer Of the Month”

  • Stunning work! Congratulations! A well deserved win!

  • Outstanding … thank you all, great job!

  • Yes congratulations.

    This is a ‘first’ as never entered more than the lottery before so really appreciate the comments and advice from you all. Some outstanding images so to get 5 votes is a real confidence boost. PFRE is a fantastic resource.

    Must give thanks to Iran Watson and Scott Hargis for providing fantastic tutorials and producing images of outstanding quality which are such an inspiration……hopefully i’m catching you up!

  • You do our state and city proud. Great job

  • Jason:

    Well done and a beautiful capture, despite what some members said. I thought it was the best of all the images submitted.


  • well done jason. nice shot!!

  • Well done Jason – another great image.

    On another note, apologies to anyone who was upset when I responded to Ethan Tweedie’s comment on my entry. Although I did read the rules prior to submission I didn’t make the connection between the anonymity clause with the Flickr gallery. Thanks to Larry for bringing it to my attention so graciously!


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