PFRE Jury Is Now Voting On February PFRE Photographer Of The Month

February 17th, 2013

CharlieLivingWe have a great bunch of  living room shots for February’s contest. The PFRE Jury is now deliberating on a February photographer of the month and will be finished voting Feb 23.

All the contestants images are available for viewing and comments from anyone in the PFRE Photographer of The Month flickr group. Here are the entries as a fullscreen Flash slide show. For those on mobile devices that won’t display Flash the left-sidebar widget displays the submitted images in a non-Flash format.

I’d like to encourage blog readers and jury members to join the PFRE Photographer of The Month flickr group and give constructive comments to the contestants. This contest has great potential as a learning experience for both readers and contestants. Some of the jurors are already doing this and I think it can be very useful.

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4 Responses to “PFRE Jury Is Now Voting On February PFRE Photographer Of The Month”

  • I am soooo glad I am not tasked to pick the best in this group. They are all outstanding! I watched the slide show and now will have to deal with knowing I am a long way from this type talent. Thanks so much for the incentive to try and do better!

  • Incredible photos! Best of luck to all participants, your pictures are outstanding!

  • Pretty doggone nice. We can all learn from these photographs.

  • Those are outstanding photos…..are the fires in the fireplaces real?

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