This Week In Real Estate Video #45 – Maka’alae Hana Luxury Estate

February 15th, 2013

My body is back on here on the mainland but my head is still on Maui so I’m featuring a listing by Jordan Smith on the Hana side of Maui on the hillside high above world famous Hamoa beach.

Last Monday, while on Maui, I visited Tom Tezak’s office meeting in Wailea and subjected everyone at the office meeting to my What Realtors Need to Know About Photography sermon. They seemed like they appreciated the info. They pointed out that I need to add info about video to the presentation (they are absolutely right… I’m going to do that). While at the meeting I talked one-on-one to a many of the agents and they are interested in video for real estate marketing.

Jordan Smith, the listing agent for this Maka’alae Hana Luxury Estate, was at the meeting and later sent me a link to his listing. For those of you not familiar with Maui geography, Hana is as remote as it is beautiful. It is 50+ miles from the main part of Maui on a curvy, narrow road. Charles Lindberg loved it so much that he went there to die. Lindberg’s grave is near Hana. He spent his last years on the estate of the then CEO of Pan Am Airways which is near Hana.

Update 2/16: This video was shot by Jason Toth. Jason also did this set of stills for Jordan’s Maka’alae Hana listing. I think Jason did a great job with the video that gives a feel for the property and the Hana area.

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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #45 – Maka’alae Hana Luxury Estate”

  • A lovely, whimsical video. It really comes alive and brings it to life with and people and how they live in the spaces. The camera angles and flowing shots of details was almost magical. There are some great examples in this video of telling little short stories to get a larger pictures. Kudos to all those involved.

  • Wow! A gorgeous estate! Um in looking at some of the interior details might this have been the home of George Harrison? I know he and his wife had a big place outside Hana…. Anyway the video is well done and I’d love to live there!! Sigh….

  • How much did the realtor/owner pay for the video?

  • It’s a gorgeous video of a gorgeous home. The two actors really added a personal note to the video. I really enjoyed the small scenes of the actors doing everyday activities.

    I did some googling and discovered that this home is not the home of the Harrison’s. So my assumption was wrong, as is usual with my assumptions.

  • Thank you everyone for your positive feedback. This is truly a magical property. When I was approached by the sellers I knew there where going to two be challenges in marketing this estate. 1) the remote location, 2) still photos would not capture the overall feeling of this estate. I have to give major Kudos to Jason Toth. I gave a brief outline of my concept and he blew me away with his creativity. He is an amazing artist. The focus of this video was to show off this beautiful custom built home, but more importantly show the lifestyle of living in Hana. The owner of the property is a producer in Hollywood so there was some added pressure to impress, mission accomplished.

    @Richard Lamb. You’re right this is not George Harrison’s house but he does own property in Hana, along with a handful of other high profile people in the entertainment industry. Hana’s remote and secluded location appeals to celebrity types for the privacy and scenery. It’s very inspiring.

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