This Week In Real Estate Video #46 – Another Shitty Day In Paradise

February 8th, 2013

ShittyDayAfter about 24 hours on the ground here in paradise (Ma’alaea Bay Maui) I’m just about recovered from the 6 hr 737-800 ride from Portland. The sand, sun, fluffy clouds and 81 degrees today and finally the lovely sunset this evening from near Lahaina has a way of fixing almost anything!

Since I’m here on Maui this week it seems appropriate to feature some Makena beach property video. Just so happens that Tom Tezak has invited me to lunch while I’m on Maui and his email has links to several of his real estate videos:

Travis Rowan of  Living Maui Photography shoots Tom’s videos. Tom and Travis are doing great work together. Tom does better on camera that most other agents I’ve seen, he makes it look easy… it’s not! And Travis does a great job of putting the video together. My favorite is 4690 Makena Rd! I love the simple little story they’ve put together in this video with the opening underwater shot. Simple but very effective. Great job guys!

BTW: I will be posting all week from here in paradise.

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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #46 – Another Shitty Day In Paradise”

  • I’m sure your East Coast readers are very happy for you, Larry.


  • Oops, I’ve actually hadn’t noticed the news in the last 48 hrs with getting ready and getting and getting over here.

  • Larry, you KNOW that my favorite winter sport… while skiing and snowmobiling is fine, MY favorite winter sport is skin diving in those wonderful coves near you! Very jealous, so enjoy!

  • Must you, I mean, must you? Thanks for making the rest of us feel really jealous, but thanks for the info. Some eye openers and educational as well. Enjoy yourself, just not too much!!

  • Larry,
    While you are suffering on Maui, my family on Long Island, is frolicking and shoveling 38”of wet nasty snow and some of them stuck in their cars because the snow plows jack knifed and blocked 150 cars for 3 hrs of carbon monoxide fun………Hope you enjoy Hawaii. I was stationed at Pearl Harbor during Vietnam, and it was beautiful.
    And remember, while scuba diving, do not annoy the great white sharks……….they have no sense of humor.

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