This Week In Real Estate Video #44 – Agent Jill In Austin, TX

February 1st, 2013

I’ve featured Agent Jill in Austin before but Jill some 20 weeks or so ago but Jill  is such an real estate video inspiration I think it is important to point out her work again. What I try to do with this weekly feature is point out the top work that is being done by Realtors and real estate videographers around the world and I think Jill is right up there with the best. By the way, Jill’s husband shoots and edit’s Jills video in FCP for her and deserves some of the credit.

Jill Leberknight is a Realtor, actor, director and acting coach. What a knock out combination for someone doing real estate video! The video to the right is one of Jill’s recent listings. Here is her personal intro and here is her living in Austin video Part 1 and Part 2.

Here is Jill’s acting coaching website. All I can say, is if you are a Realtor within several hundred miles of Austin, TX I would run, don’t walk, on over and sign up for Jill coaching! Jill’s videos are and example of if you are shooting awesome talent it doesn’t matter much what you do with the camera, just keep Jill in the finder and you’re good! Jill’s raw talent just amazes me!

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #44 – Agent Jill In Austin, TX”

  • Wow, those are great! I must have missed it when you featured her before.

  • Jill is awesome….love her videos, especially the “Country But Close In”

    Most agents fail miserably in front of the camera and make watching the video difficult…they simply shouldn’t be in the video. Far too many agents hear that they should be in their videos to market themselves but dont realize that its only effective if its done properly, it could hurt your business if you come across as an annoying robot that the viewer is fast forwarding the video through.

    Jill is a pleasure to watch and keeps you watching with her upbeat presentation and light humour. She is someone i would want to do business just based on what I saw in her videos, and I can honestly say that if I lived in Texas she would be my first phone call when buying or selling.

  • WOW…great! First thing I noticed was the dynamic solid verbal delivery, excellent body movements, and content that threw humor in, particurally humor at herself (“took a nap while driving” as intentionally stumbles over naming the wrong neighborhood on a different video that began play after the first finished.) That humor and energy is present is each of her videos. Then I viewed the “coaching” videos, and with 25 years as an actor, it shows. With my 13 years in Toastmasters, I am very adept at giving a speech – and all the body movements involved – without notes, but throwing production level video (as opposed the a speech review video) is very hard! Let’s just say my first couple of attempts will never see the light of day! Well done, Jill.

    Now, putting my photography hat on, I noticed the property videos used stills with Ken Burns effect when describing the room with voiceover, then breaking away to her on-camera video clips. Nice approach, but critically look at those photos. Virtually every one had vertical that were not vertical. It takes about 5 seconds to correct them in Photoshop and would dramitically improve the presentation to match her professional level.

  • “Walkable Austin” her living in Austin video is a hoot. Makes me want to go to Austin and just walk around. Grab some good eats too. Yes, she’s an inspiration.

  • Thank you soo much for the encouragement everyone. It really means a lot to me. I love my job and love that I get to bring my passions & hobbies into my work serving one of the best cities in the world. Come visit me in Austin and we’ll grab a breakfast taco or some BBQ at one of my favorite joints and chat about this wonderful profession.

  • She’s awesome! It really helps to have someone as comfortable in front of the camera as she is. Unfortunately most Realtors are quite the opposite, which makes it a bit of a “challenge”! I totally would give her a call if I was moving to Austin!

  • She does have a great personality. I love the animated Jill on the lower third. Most of my clients are terrified of being in front of the camera. Then, when I show them videos of my other clients that have done it, they get even more self conscious. “I couldn’t do it THAT good!” Can’t win. We need an “acting for real estate video” class.

  • We are real estate agents in ME who do video – with our lead agent as our front person. We are learning as we go (she is also my wife). Doing tours through homes can be difficult, but no one else in our area is doing this……learning as we go. Our YouTube Channel is:

    A special shout-out to Fred Light….he has been available to answer question during his busy schedule – much appreciated.

    I also learn a lot watching Charlie Dresden’s videos!

    We use a Nikon D7000, several nikon lens including a 17-55 that w shoot at 2.8, a Konova slider and a crummy old tripod that I have been looking to replace. All editing is done in Photophop Premiere. Drooling of a new wireless mic at the moment.

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