Frank Doorhof Interviews Scott Hargis In Dubai Nov 2012

January 28th, 2013

Dutch fashion photographer Frank Doorhof interviews a number of photographers, including Scott Hargis this past November at GPP in Dubai.

The part where Frank is talking to Scott about interior photography is from 14:00 through 24:00. The rest of the video is interesting too but real estate photographers will find the discussion with Scott particularly interesting.

Scott talks about composition, verticals, controlling reflections with toilet paper and being in control of the light. Well worth 10 minutes of your time.

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7 Responses to “Frank Doorhof Interviews Scott Hargis In Dubai Nov 2012”

  • Well worth watching, cant fail to take something of Value away form this “Door is always open series”. Wish we could do something similar in Marbella!

  • Hmm. Shooting to show “what the room feels like” vs. “what the room looks like.” Scott Hargis aims to capture the mood of a room rather than standing in the corner and shooting as wide a possible. Scott states that he can tell you more about an interior space by only showing 25% of the room as opposed to showing you everything.

    I think this brings up a great point in that emotions fuels real estate. A buyer decided to purchase a home because they are moved by the home. So if one can really capture what a room feels like, that’s only going to speak to a buyer more effectively and possible get them to buy the home.

  • I am a real Scott Hargis fan and it is always great to see his knowledge shared with us.

  • Charlie, that is the most challenging thing to capture I think on two levels. One, as a relatively new interior photographer, I had that tendency to want to get the whole room in one shot (and still do), and two, agents tend to want that whole room image as well. It takes a lot of training for myself and selling to the agent that you don’t need the whole room etc or a picture of every single room etc. Less is more. I think Scott really drove that home in the video as you point out.

    Thanks Scott for your words of wisdom.


  • Ethan – Great point. I too go back and forth. I feel there still needs to be wide shots that do capture the entire room. But the pleasing shots say more with less. It’s a good thing MLS’s are starting to allow more pictures to be posted. If they don’t, that’s another great reason for “virtual tour” sites that allow an infinite amount of pictures.

  • Just to be clear – Frank and I were not talking specifically about real estate photography, but rather interiors in general. I probably shoot tighter real estate comps than anyone else in my area, but they still tend to be fairly wide, generally in the 21mm – 30mm range.

    Charlie – I think you’ve made the important point; buying a house is usually an emotional decision, and not strictly rational. I think any experienced real estate agent would agree. People “fall in love” with a house, they don’t just make a cold, fact-based decision. So our photographs should be made with that in mind.

  • @ Scott – thanks for the clarification. And I’ve seen your zoom get tighter over the years. I mean I love the avocados and lemons kitchen shot. It’s tight and tells a story while showing a fantastic kitchen. In selling real estate that would be complimented with a wide shot to show the orientation or connection to other rooms. That connection is often overlooked I feel.

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