If You Are Active In The Flickr Groups Check Out The New Flickr App

January 21st, 2013

FlickrAPPIf you participate in any of the PFRE Flickr groups you should check out the new flickr Apps. Several readers have pointed out that the new flickr apps (IOS, Android and Windows) are a great step forward. Flickr has been around for a long time but until recently there wasn’t a good mobile app but now there is. Some people are even saying that the new flickr app is a viable alternative to Instagram!

PFRE reader Craig Capello says:

To be honest I always had the app on my iPhone but felt it was useless. Being a member who occasionaly contributes now it finally feels like a full-fledged app that has purpose and usefulness. Especially when you are looking for feedback and critique on your photos. Comments now pop-up and alert like an instant message. The whole app has been redesigned.

Hrag Vartanian over at says:

There are a number of reasons for choosing Flickr over Instagram but I’ll try to be concise: your photos are more accessible, they can fall under a Creative Commons license, and there is more flexibility to the way you capture, edit, classify, and share them.

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One Response to “If You Are Active In The Flickr Groups Check Out The New Flickr App”

  • I installed the app a few day days ago and I am impressed. Gives you a pretty good interface on an iPhone that is actually usable.


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