New Lightroom Magazine is Now Available – Why Not Publish It In PDF?

January 20th, 2013

LRmagazineCongratulations to Matt Kloskowski (Matt is the Editor) and his crew on the launch of their new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom How-to-Magazine! The first issue (Nov 2012) is free and subsequent issues are $4.99.

This is great news, Lightroom certainly deserves it’s own How-to-Magazine and Matt and Scott Kelby’s crew at Kelby Media Group are the right people to be doing this magazine since they continually do Lightroom training and Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 4 for digital photographers, is the top selling Lightroom book on the planet.

But I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t express that I’m disappointed that this magazine is IOS only. Some, like Pedro in Portugal may not believe me since he says I’m an Apple FanBoy. Here is why I’m disappointed:

  1. Yea, Perdo is right, have all Apple gear but I’m and old man with vision problems and I want to read this magazine on my 27″ iMac screen just like I do with f11 magazine and Photograph Magazine. I can’t comfortably read the bloody thing on my iPad or iPad-mini!
  2. Lightroom magazine is fantastic content! It needs to be available to all photographers, not just photographers with iPads!

I don’t see anything that’s in the Lightroom Magazine that can’t be done in a PDF format except copy protection. The PDF format emphasizes user connivence and portability to any platform.

Neither Apple nor Amazon allow PDF format. This is a publisher control issue not a reader oriented decision. I believe PDF format is far better for magazine type highly illustrated publications. This means publishers that use PDF format must handle distribution themselves and not distribute through Apple or Amazon. I’m committed to doing everything possible to support and encourage companies that do what’s best for readers. Publishing a magazine in iBook only format is NOT best for the readers!


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9 Responses to “New Lightroom Magazine is Now Available – Why Not Publish It In PDF?”

  • YES, why not PDF. This I Pad does not have unlimited memory. Also. Why not a USB port on the I pad?

  • For true success in publishing your media needs to be available on ALL platforms. Very short sighted from our visionaries at Kelby Media.

  • If you are a small company – you may have to choose a specific platform because your resources may be limited. But a company like Kelby and NAPP should publish in all formats – it really doesn’t add to much to the cost of the book and it allows for a larger audience of purchasers. However, it may be that NAPP feels that the Apple Store is the best place to reach its audience. Who knows – but I am sure it was a specific financial decision based on the particular deal they were able to strike which may have included promotion of the magazine.

  • Probably because PDFs are too easily shared with others instead of having to be purchased through itunes. Less theft/piracy this way.

  • I tunes can be installed on any computer including a PC. It’s an awful program but it would allow me to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom How-to-Magazine. Do I understand you correctly, that it will not be viewable on my PC?

    Why can’t they just publish it as a Kindle Book? You can install the free Kindle reader on any device.

  • I bought the Canon Eos digital magazine yesterday. Looks great on my PC. One reads it through the browser, no download necessary. The only things is, you have to sign in to read it

  • @Wayne- Yes, you can download the Lightroom magazine with you PC but the only thing you can do from iTunes is sync it to your iPhone or iPad.. you can’t read it in iTunes.

  • Well, for over a year, their “Light It” magazine has also been iOS only and they’ve taken a lot of heat for not having an Android version. Even on their homepage (, they have posts that it was going to be available in 2012. Scott posted one year ago ( that the Android version was in development. Finally, a few days ago, they posted a video demo of it (, but it’s still not available.

    At this pace, it will be a long wait for an Android version of “Lightroom Magazine”, but maybe once “Light It” is done, it won’t take so long to add.

  • May be it’s time for someone to develop a format converter that can take the IOS file format and export the file into another more portable format… how many decades will companies take to understand that proprietary formats are not good for the business in the long run and that they lose gigantic revenues by not thinking a bit more outside the box…

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