This Week In Real Estate Video #42 –

January 18th, 2013

AllanMacKenzieThis week I’d like to feature the work of Allan MacKenzie and his company in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, AU.

I’ve known Allan as a PFRE reader, contributor and accomplished real estate videographer for several years.  Here is some of his real estate video:

In the last few years Allan has broaden his scope and also shoots Yachts and many other subjects. He just told me that this video that I featured about a year ago was a finalist for the Australian Video Producers Association Award 2012.

Another huge success that Allan and had in 2012 was the promotional video they shot for Endeavour Prize Homes called “Life Changer Lottery”.

Congratulations on a great year!

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7 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #42 –”

  • A truly well deserved year. Allan is also so generous with his own time in helping others improve their own video productions. A humble and talented man.
    Good for you Allan and hear is to hoping this and many years to come will be equally rewarding

  • I’m biased, but I love the seller video. So engaging.

  • Allan has always consistently set the bar high for other filmmakers in this genre. I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes in 2013!

  • Congratulations to Allan on all his great achievements. This is a well deserved recognition for a very talented artist! Keep up the good work!!

  • Allan does an awesome job… especially with those yacht videos. Always makes me want to go buy lottery tickets! The Aussies are always leading the way!

  • Thanks so much Larry for the recognition in your blog, I’m actually very touched and humbled by the kind words from peers here whom I highly respect their work and who have been very successful pioneers in this field for many years in their own right. I feel very privileged been able to share this journey with my peers and friends as we have grown together in our craft. I look forward to many more years of creativity ahead one thing is for sure you can never stop learning in this game, there is still so much more to learn – I can’t wait.

  • Allan has always be an inspiration. Always leading out and pushing the quality of real estate related videos. “Redland Bay” is a perfect example of rich colors, intriguing camera angles, fantastic compositions, and inspiring work. Need motivation? Watch Allan’s work. Love it.

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