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January 16th, 2013

f11MagazineBack in December, before the holidays I did a post about how Magazine publishing is in the process of being reinvented, giving a couple of examples of the new global approach to photography magazines. Tim Steele, Publisher/Creative Director of f11 Magazine stumbled across the post and pointed out his magazine to me.

f11 is a FREE online imaging magazine presented in a page flip format. The magazine is published 11 times each year from its base in Auckland, New Zealand. Although originally intended for an Australian and New Zealand readership, f11 now attracts subscribers and readers from around the globe. Each issue is also available as a downloadable PDF ideal for iPad and tablet users, or for readers wishing to archive or read offline. Most issues are over 100 pages in length and all are archived on the website in both formats.

f11 is aimed directly at professional and enthusiast photographers, designers and creative people working with images, and collectors of photography and ephemera. The magazine is not aimed at beginners as that market is well catered for. Instead, f11 assumes a higher level of knowledge and involvement on the part of the reader and displays image portfolios that are both inspirational and aspirational. Most issues feature the work of at least three selected photographers in carefully crafted, comprehensive and uninterrupted layouts of between 12 and 24 pages each.

After looking at and I have to say it is a wonderful piece of work! It has a great bunch of articles. It is advertising supported but to me the ads are not over done. The articles are in depth and have a lot of great images. I love the fact that I can download the PDF to my Dropbox and view it on my 27″ screen, my laptop or my iPad or one can go through the flip format directly on with a device that supports Flash. If you want to read f11 while traveling, just download the PDFs onto your laptop or iBook App on the iPad and you are good to go. This is the way a modern magazine should work! I’m now a subscriber and am in the process of reading back issues of f11!

Here’s a interview with Tim Steele that was done in 2011 by a Australian photo retailers website/blog that gives some background on f11. Good show guys!

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5 Responses to “ Produced by A Small Team in New Zealand For a Global Audience”

  • Superb, agree with your comments. I’m subscribed, thanks for the tip off.

  • Larry, have been reading it since issue 1. Great articles and information.. I also use Zinio [ ]for electronic subscriptions to computer and photo mags like Android and Photoshop User. You save a bit on 12 monthly subscriptions and they are his res versions onto your device..

  • Thank you Larry for introducing f11. Internet magazines are definitely on the rise. Our humble little Florida Designer Homes magazine that caters to the South Florida design and construction community has surpassed over 20,000 page views per month. This is a great way for a real estate / architectural photographer to showcase their work to a much wider audience. It also helps that you are promoting your clients as well. The latest issue is here:
    Best Regards,

  • The subscription page is not “mobile device” friendly, so I’ll have to wait until I get to a desktop to check out whether my subscription request validated.

  • I like the magazine very much but really feel it needs to get away from behaving like a magazine and having a less clunky format to read on ipad. After all it’s not didtributed anywhere in print version so I can’t understand why it needs to look like a regular print magazine?

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