Squareup Mobile Credit Card Processing Now Available In Canada

January 7th, 2013

SquareCAFor real estate photographers getting paid on a timely basis seems to be a problem right up there with how much to charge for a shoot.

Being able to take credit cards at a shoot with has been a great tool for US real estate shooters for a couple of years. Now  is available in Canada.

Discussions on the subject of how and when to get paid has been very insightful on the variety of opinions and variety of approaches in different counties (here, here, here and here). Several facts always show up in these discussions:

  1. Many real estate photographers put a lot of time and energy into getting paid.
  2. There aren’t that many cases of photographers not getting paid.
  3. processing is clearly the most popular mobil credit card processing service used by real estate photographers in the US. There are no monthly fees, just a 2.75% swipe fee. You get the money the next day and you can send a receipt via email. Pretty sweet service!

Being able to take credit cards for shoot payment at the shoot is a huge convenience for the customer and saves the photographer time and energy in collecting later. It’s great to see this service now in Canada!

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2 Responses to “Squareup Mobile Credit Card Processing Now Available In Canada”

  • Thanks for letting us know about this new availability.

    I’ve ordered mine so will see how it works out.

  • Got mine about a month and a half ago….

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