This Week In Real Estate Video #40

January 4th, 2013

Heath Cowart sent me a couple of videos that he  created for promoting his real estate video business:

  1. A look back at the highlights of 2012 from Residential Video.
  2. Residential Video Show Reel 2012.

I think is is worth noting the great job that Heath has done with the design of his website. I like how the design of it shows off so many of his videos.

He uses Vimeo for all the video on his website but still posts a bunch of videos on  his YouTube channel which is important for getting exposure. And he has a link from his YouTube channel to his website. I can’t believe how many people don’t put a link to their website on their YouTube channel. I would suggest that you also put a your clients website URL and your own website URL in the YouTube description field like Fred Light does. Fred also puts description text about the property in the YouTube description field. After all YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet so might as well make use of it.

Magic Lantern HDR Workflow: Mike Turner and Jason Jacques  both pointed out this tutorial to me and wondered if I knew of anyone that was using HDR video. I don’t. Does anyone using Magic lantern or HDR video?

I’m skeptical that this approach would be worth the huge amount of extra work it entails. I would be inclined to just shoot a twilight for a very similar look.

What do others think about this approach?

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4 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #40”

  • Great work Heath! I really liked the acting workshop video showing how you and an acting coach work with the agents and get them more comfortable in front of the camera.

    Video here:

  • Great work Heath, nice to see your excellent show-reel. Very impressive 2012 . Like to hear how you plan to top this in 2013?

    I have seen some time-lapses where the timelapser ( please excuse my spelling) moves the tripod over time to give the effect, as if you where on a stabilizer

    and HDR.

    I think the time it would take for commercial use, it might be difficult to recoup financially. Still Mike Turner Jason Jacques have a good concept. I wounder if it would be possible to have one shot with flash also for the crisp whites? At least one is more flexible with this HDR concept as twilight shots although wonderful are not always practical for the owners.

  • Larry
    Funny thing that you mentioned our website becasue we just created a new one and the one you linked to was the old one.
    Here is the new one:
    and the old one that will be gone in a few days.

    Thanks for the recognition. We are definitely going bigger in 2013 starting with taking the class to 7 cities sponsored by the South Carolina Realtors board. We have some interesting projects opening up on the coast of NC and SC as well.

    Actually, I would really like to take the class to more cities so if anyone is interested in setting something up let me know.

  • Awesome! I’ve been trying to make heads or tails of HDR video for months and just about gave up on it. This made it so I could have success on my first attempt after watching the tutorial.

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