This Week In Real Estate Video #39 – 2012 Favorites

December 28th, 2012

I’d like to finish 2012 with a list of favorite property videos from this years This Week In Real Estate Video posts. Looking back over the year it’s hard to just 5 favorites but these are five that stand out:

Property video continues to improve rapidly and become more and more popular. My goal with the This Week in Real Estate Video series is to showcase and discuss what the leaders in this medium of marketing are doing. Thanks to everyone that has been pointing out examples of great real estate video and sending me examples of their own work.


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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #39 – 2012 Favorites”

  • No doubt these are nice videos but not so sure about using the term “leaders in this medium of marketing”. Most of the videographers you feature weekly are maybe shooting 1-2 videos a month and are hardly “leaders” in video for real estate. PlatinumHD is obviously a leader in this meadium and shoots a massive amount of video, to include the others as also leaders is wrong. IMO to be a leader in something you would need to be doing it regularly, increasing your experience in the field and learning from each completed shoot.

  • @David- I think if you read what I said, I didn’t claim that these 5 videos are all leaders… certainly they are not all in the sense of volume. What I said is, “My goal with the This Week in Real Estate Video series is to showcase and discuss what the leaders in this medium of marketing are doing.”

    I’ve showcased many that are leaders but I see this endeavor as collaborative in that I’d like to hear about leaders you think I’ve missed.

  • Kukio Lot 95 is a lovely property but the video moves waaaay to slow and is lacking in some kind of titling or commentary. Aside from the fast-forward segments it left me yawning. Our inclination has been to quicken the pace w/our PropVids like the ones in PlatinumHD, short but sweet and to the point. Agents are still reluctant to use videos as part of their ad campaigns so we’re attempting to keep the price down and the product concise in order to encourage more business.
    I’ll have to take a look at the rest..

  • The videos definitely get better, I like most everything PlatinumHD does even the mini-doc propvid presented here, very classy.

  • Larry, I read and understood exactly what you meant. My comment was that while your “This Week In Real Estate Video” showcases many nice videos, most of the videographers are far from being “market leaders” in any respect. A few good videos does not make anyone a market leader, experience and how often they are actually doing video (volume) does. Dont get me wrong, I love your weekly video showcase but I simply think that the term “leaders in this medium of marketing” is incorrect and deceiving.

  • No love for the walk-through styles? 🙁

    Just kidding Larry….. I always like viewing the choices in this weekly series. It shows us ideas as to how video can be used regardless of your set style. I really liked “Kukio Lot 95” and the time lapses, especially in the tub….it really draws the viewers attention to a great selling feature.

  • Kukio Lot 95 was beautifully presented, I just felt that the timing of a few of the scenes could have been shortened a bit. It tends to grow on you the more you view it. Unfortunately, the average agent doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to really appreciate the esthetics of this kind of property video. Perhaps in Hawaii the mentality is different as is the pace of living. Anders Carlson’s work is definitely up there w/the best, I particularly like his Kaupulehu Hawaii video. Amazing work!

  • This is a tough crowd somtimes 🙂
    I liked them all…but what do I know !
    Thanks Larry, for sharing them.
    Kudos to all selected.
    Happy New Year to everyone!!

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