This Week In Real Estate Video #37 – Cove House

December 14th, 2012

I featured this video earlier this year but I was talking to James  today on another subject and ran across it on James’ website again and was dazzled by this property. It was shot by James Schuler of  iCandy Multimedia and is a property designed by Hugh Jacobsen in Kilmarnock, VA. What a great property! This is an innovative way to combine stills and video into a property site for a awesome property. I normally don’t like mixing stills and video but James does a great job of it.

James used to work in the TV business and got a tired of the travel so he has joined forces with wife who is a photographer. His video, broadcasting and web background  combined with a still photographer seems to be a perfect match.

James wrote the script for the voice-over and had the current home owner record the script the day of the video and still shoot. He used a Nikon D90 and a D3100 (and some After Effects).

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11 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #37 – Cove House”

  • Over 7 minutes . . . but I watched every second. There’s no limit to length in real estate videos. It just comes down to how the video is made and how interested you are in the property. That’s just a stunning home and a well made video. The narration is what kept me engaged. Another benchmark video.

  • Beautiful video. You can tell James has tv production background. The visuals are thoughtful and complementary to the narration. The transitions between video and still shots are almost seamless, and that’s why it works so well. The homeowner’s voiceover is authentic and relaxed–almost a perfect match to the visuals and music bed. I’m a voice talent so I’m really picky to that aspect ;0) Ultra long video but it keeps your attention throughout and makes you wish you could be there. Impressive!

  • Very nice video. I remember seeing this home in the architectural magazines. A true classic design. I thought the video represented the property very well.

  • IMHO – It’s way too long. Yes, it is well shot and the house is beautiful but, I got bored after a couple of minutes. Is this house for sale or as part of a feature for an architectural website?

  • D90 and D3100. one more proof that the photographer is way more important then the equipment. He’s not even using a full frame or a pro model. no expensive stuff. Sure it could help make things easier but it’s not that important. The video is amazing. I loved it. The length of the video might be a problem. He’s showing everything, every detail. So there isn’t much for the buyer to discover and make him want to known more about the property. I liked the audio but I disliked the tone of the voice.

  • There is no limit to length with video provided you are showing MORE information that keeps the viewer watching……meaning more information than the still photos already gave. Video is and always will be 2nd to photos, and if you are showing little more than the stills already showed, people will turn it off.

    I find most of the people who shoot video and constantly comment on video length are doing so because their own videos are lacking in providing more info over the photos, and they are forced to keep them very short in order to keep the attention of the viewer.

    Like Charlie, I watched (and listened) the entire video…taking in all the additional information provided that I would have never got from just viewing the stills.

  • If you’re not considering BUYING a property, most videos are boring after a minute or two. Even though many are trying to make it so, real estate videos are NOT entertainment, and don’t need to be. The level of engagement that matters is that of an actual buyer. And you only need one.

  • Gorgeous home and great narration. I felt the music and the softkey narration lulled me into a sleepy (but positive) mood. Also, the edits going left to right and then right to left and then left to right and so on made me a little distracted. I think more of a mixup of video techniques would have been more engaging. That being said…..
    We should only be able to produce a video as beautiful in its clarity and smoothness. I would personally hire James for video if he lived closer! Great job.

  • Great video. One argument I have for longer videos is when it comes down to the individuals who are seriously thinking about buying the particular home in the video, they will be willing to re-watch a long detailed video out of excitement. Initial views however are hard to keep people watching when they are long. Maybe there could be an argument to be made for having both short and long versions of videos. The videos I make for listings are generally 1-3 minutes long, and this is because the Realtors are often the ones that feel short to mid length videos are best. I think you can go either way, and it really just might depend on how large or detailed the piece of property is.

  • The debate over video length has been settled by consumers.

    According to YouTube Analytics on our channel people do watch long videos. Our videos vary widely in their success at retaining an audience to the end – an indication that some may be too long or simply may have engaged too broad an audience.

  • What a beautiful video! Any homeowner would be honored to have James assist them! And who cares about the length?! Obviously, a homebuyer who is interested in the property will be enthralled from start to finish. Those who appreciate good design, architecture, and video marketing will even enjoy this one. As for those who click away before finishing – their loss!

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