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December 13th, 2012

Here is another opportunity to tryout another floor plan creation service. Last week Valerie from contacted me and asked for advice on how to get feedback on the floor plan  creation service from some hard core real estate photographers that provide floor plans. What came to mind was back when the MagicPlan App came out I tried it out and at first thought it was great. Then as a wide group of people tried it out in a wide range of situations it became apparent that it was lacking.

So, I suggested to Valerie that she offer to let PFRE readers kick the tires for her and give the developers feedback.  So here are Valeries’ instructions on how to take advantage of this offer for PFRE readers:

Update 12/24/2012: Valerie says they have given out all 20 of the PFRE free offers. PFRE readers that have tried out be sure to leave us feedback (leave a comment on this post) on how this service works for you.

If this approach to creating floor plans can be perfected it stands to simplify the process in a big way by eliminating the need to do detailed measurements and make sketches. Please let us know what you think of this technology.


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9 Responses to “Get A Free Trial of That Creates Floor Plans From Photos”

  • Just signed up and will give it a try with a house I’m shooting tomorrow. Would LOVE to see this work! Thanks

  • Looks like its already gotten used up :/ Very interesting looking technology though. I played with MagicPlan quite a bit but never could seem to make it work consistently enough for me to justify the time investment.

  • As someone who measures floorplans, this seems very suspect to me, especially since their website has zero documentation on how they get measurements from photos. I would be really curious to compare one of their floorplans to one measured in the traditional way.

  • Looks interesting, would love to give it a try. Still not quite sure how it works though, I’d upload all my photos from a shoot and they would create the floorplan using only the photos, with no floorplan sketch? In which case I’d need to shoot every room of the house, basement to attic, garage, utilities, etc. And is the process an automated software (a la MagicPlan)? And does anyone know, what’s the cost per floorplan without the discount above? Is it based on sq ft? It would be helpful to have an FAQ on the site before signing up, really curious how it works.

  • Wow! I really like the software that provides. Since I am in Real Estate, it would be very useful to create floor plans for personal and professional use.

  • Larry, Thanks so much for mentioning InsideMaps. We also appreciate all the comments and we want to answer all your questions.

    @Aric Boyles: We are working hard to put more info on the web site including an FAQ and a Guide to give tips on the photography required for good results. We realize that people are cautious and want to know more before trying the service; this is why we are limiting early access in order for us to prepare more material, iron out some kinks and get folks to make independent comparisons.

    Behind the scenes, we use a combination of advanced computer vision software and a quality assurance team to extract room measurement information from photos taken of each room. To generate a floor plan, the process requires overlapping photos of all walls of each room in a home – in most cases, as little as 4 photos per room. No sketch is required. The current price is $29 and is not dependent on sq footage. The price is $19 for each additional floor.

    @Duncan: You make some excellent points and we intend to address some of them through comparisons by some of our users. Results speak louder than words.

    It is important to set the right expectations that the goal and capability of the computer vision technology behind InsideMaps is to generate floor plans that are proportionally accurate. From our initial trials with realtors, 95% accuracy (which is what we strive for), is very useful to help buyers get a proper sense of the home layout and dimensions. InsideMaps floor plans are for marketing.

    To be clear, the goal is not to compete against professional and precision measurement processes for which there will always be a need by contractors, appraisers, and for the buyers themselves to make sure (e.g.) that their dresser will fit exactly. We do not want to compete in this market nor do we make representations to that effect. Precision comes with a different price.

    We are confident that the results from the early access will speak for themselves, but I hope the explanation above helps. Please contact me if I can answer any other questions you have at

  • Received my test project back from Insidemaps this morning and I have to say I am VERY impressed. Sure there are a few wrinkles to be worked out on my end as well as theirs, but for a first pass they nailed it. Can’t believe they can make full plans from just the photos.

    And through the process Judy has been incredibly helpful and responsive with all my questions.

    Thanks for the free trial and thank you Larry for introducing the company. Really looking forward to making this a part of my business.

  • I sent them(Valerie) and tell them about my interest, no response at all. Valerie or anyone from there please email me back, thanks.

  • @Kevin & Ilya- Thanks for your feedback! The rest of PFRE readers please leave us you feedback on how work for you.

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