The ONION Reviews Real Estate Photography

December 9th, 2012

Over the years some of the most popular posts on the PFRE blog have been the ones where I feature sites that are dedicated to poking fun of Realtors photos. There are a lot of these sites and they attract a huge amount of traffic because some of the photos are hilarious. These sites are always good for a few laughs. Recently Scott Hargis pointed out to me that even the ONION has got into the act of poking fun at Realtor photos. The following is a list of just some of the sites that make fun of real estate photos:

  1. Not a ShitHole – the ONION
  2. Bad MLS Photos
  3. Bad real estate photos
  4. Lessons bad MLS photos teach
  5. Hooked on Houses
  6. Really Awful House Photos


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4 Responses to “The ONION Reviews Real Estate Photography”

  • The Onion is (mostly) not poking fun at the photos, although some of the photos are badly composed. What the Onion is really poking fun at is typical real estate marketing copy, or at least it is using that as a vehicle for humor.

  • I actually have my own collection that I have “borrowed” over the years, on my Facebook page… Hope you don’t mind my posting them here.

  • I agree with David, the article isn’t really making fun of bad photos. I’m not even sure it’s even really making fun of marketing copy. It’s just using humor and irony to get a laugh.

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