This Week In Real Estate Video #36 – Marketing The Best Beach Property on The Planet?

December 7th, 2012

Tom Tezak, a Maui Realtor and regular reader of This Week In Real Estate Video just sent me this awesome example of a creative little property video that he and Travis Rowan just finished for a dream beach property that Tom has listed on Makena’s Po’olenalena Beach Hale.

Tom says he’s been inspired by all the creative property videos that he’s been seeing here on This Week In Real Estate Video. Great to hear! This is the whole point: look at what everyone is doing in property video and discuss what’s working and what’s not.

I have to admit that I have a hard time separating my excitement for this wonderful stretch of South Maui beach and Tom and Travis’s video. I’d be in love with any video you showed me of Makena Beach! There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the best beach on the planet. My family and I discovered this part of the world in the late 1970’s and keep going back there every chance we get. Our kids love it as much as my wife and I do.

What I like most about the video is the opening underwater shots. For me this is what attracts me to this beach. Although tennis and golf are a likely attractions for others. I like how Tom and Travis have distilled the essence of this location and property down to 1:38 with a minimum of talking. There is only about :20 seconds of narration. It is short and has very strong  creative images. The images do the talking. The only thing I’d change is have more an longer clips of the beach… but that’s probably just my fascination with this beach.

Great job Tom and Travis! What do others think?

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10 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #36 – Marketing The Best Beach Property on The Planet?”

  • Wonderful ‘lifestyle’ video and I agree the opening underwater shots grab your attention. The only thing that I found a little off was having the narration on one channel. It actually made me look in that direction and then I was distracted making sure I was hearing it correctly. Very well done cinematography, pleasing to the eye with enough visual information of the home to communicate that the lifestyle could be yours.

  • Very nice with the competing activities nicely synced to music. Great selection of music, relaxing to reflect the message of the lifestyle. Have to agree on the audio. I was listening with headphones and became particurally pronounced in one ear. My mics are also mono, but to record on both tracks, consider a cheap mono to stereo adapter plug at Radio Shack that will receive the mono feed but output to left and right channels of the recorder (or camera direct).

  • Aloha Larry & Greg, thanks for your input on the sound channels, I have had a couple computers that would not play the voice track at all, is the track it is on what may be the root of the problem? if so how do we correct it? Travis is a great photographer as well as a great with the video composition, but the technical video aspects are where we both struggle, so any guidance you could provide would be a great help. Warmest Aloha tt

  • Nice work! Short and sweet.

  • I will try to answer that, but don’t know why wouldn’t play on certain computers, unless the right speaker (the ear I heard it in) isn’t working.

    Ignoring that issue…look at the software used to assemble the clips and render the video. Bring it back up and look at the timeline. While there will be the video tracks, you want to focus on the audio tracks. Will probably be two separate audio tracks, and each will have left and right channels. The general music you play throughout will have it’s own tracks, and for reference, you will see the two lines filling both channels. On a completely different track, blank most of the time, will suddenly have sound when the narrative begins. I am going to guess, but unlike the music track, that narrative is only occupying 1 line (right) with the other line (left) blank. That’s the problem. On the outside chance that both lines have identical wav patterns, make sure the left hasn’t been muted.

    Solution? To avoid “re-recording” the audio, copy paste the right audio track to the left audio track BUT THEY MUST MATCH UP EXACTLY otherwise you will have an echo. Future? The mic, either lavalier or shotgun, records in mono. You can tell by looking at the jack an it has 1 insulator ring near the tip, where if it was stereo it would have two insulator rings. You need to buy a cheap adapter that accepts the mono pin in but convers it to stereo with the two insulator rings. That is then plugged into either your recorder, or directly into the camera, and it will record the left and right channel. I should note that will not be “stereo” but identical mono tracks on the left and right with no need to sync them.

  • Aloha LarryG,
    Thanks for your help the voiceover is now working properly.

  • Thanks Larry for the glowing review! Thanks to everyone else for the compliments and critique. This was Tom and I’s first video like this and we had a lot of fun with it. The next one will be bigger and better. Larry, your site has been very helpful to me, Mahalo! LarryG, I appreciate your concise breakdown of the audio fix. It’s been tweaked and solved.

    For the camera geeks among us: Shot on a Nikon D800, 24-70mm 2.8 and Cinevate Slider, GoPro Hero 2 for the water sequences and edited in FCP X, music sourced from (starfish: made in the Phillipines)

  • With video there’s the opportunity to really capture the attention of the viewer. It might just be one shot like the underwater shot, but I was hooked.

  • Nicely done I will have to use some of these creative ideas in my next lifestyle video.
    Double Thumbs Up!

  • Very nice use of video, nicely edited.

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