Congratulations Charles Lynch: November PFRE Photographer of The Month

November 25th, 2012

The PFRE jury has voted Charles Lynch‘s  photo of this elegant penthouse in Adelaide with a view of Adelaide’s most prestigious beach as November’s photo of the month.

Here are this months voting results:

  1. Charles Lynch – 39
  2. Elly Ball – 18
  3. Paula Susi – 12
  4. Jason Roehner – 10
  5. Kerry Bern – 10
  6. Thom Neese – 7
  7. Matt Waclo – 7
  8. Tracy Boldery – 7
  9. Tony Colangelo – 5
  10. Sam Martin – 5
  11. Barry MacKenzie – 5
  12. Charles Coleman – 3
  13. Tad Davis – 2

Here are Charles’ comments about his photo:

I shoot in a semi-rural area and rarely get to see the sun setting on the horizon, let alone over the sea. Usually i am down the bottom of a valley somewhere when shooting twilights! So I was very excited when I heard we were going to do a beachside penthouse with one of my local agents, Dawn Danton.

The photograph is my usual technique of mixing a few exposures with masks in Photoshop. This is a typical Australian scene with a very bright exterior shot late in the afternoon (the sun would be directly behind that fireplace at the time of this shot) and most Aussie photographers find the most efficient method to deal with the bright sunlight we get, is to utilise a separate shot for the window view.

The view out the window here is extremely important as this penthouse apartment looks right over the most prestigious beach in Adelaide. The exposure required to get the view correct would leave little of the interior ambient light in the room contributing to the shot so the resulting shot is very flashy.

The lighting I now use is a N-Flash, a new kind of portable strobe that uses a self contained battery to give the power of a studio strobe without the hassle of electrical cords or battery packs. It was just bounced off the wall behind the camera while hand held, though there was also another flash exposure used for the bedroom as well.

Another exposure utilises as much of the ambient light as possible in the room with the flash acting as gentle fill. In fact the area with the mirror reflecting the wall I was using to bounce my light off was masked in from a ambient only shot.

The shots are then combined with a variety of masking techniques to get the final exposure where the flashier window pull shots is only shows through the mask as required.

I’ve removed all the entries in the Photographer of the Month flickr group except the 13 above that were awarded points by the jury and have posted entrants name and points awarded. Thanks for everyone’s participation!

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11 Responses to “Congratulations Charles Lynch: November PFRE Photographer of The Month”

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    Kevin W

  • CONGRATULATIONS Charles! Excellent image, great technique!

  • Congrats Charles – great shot!

  • While unrelated to today’s post, I feel obligated to mention that this morning starting at 9:30 AM PST, Amazon will have a special sale on the PocketWizard Plus III. I don’t personally use these, but I hear they’re popular. 🙂

  • Grats Charles, great work on this one!

  • Awesome photo Charles and congratulations on winning this months contest because the competition was spectacular.

  • Congratulations Charles! Great shot that was most deserving.

  • Wonderful shot, Charles … well done!!

  • Congratulations, Charles!! Could you tell me the source of the N-flash that you use. Thanks!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Paula — check out this thread for some more information:

    Mark (BondiMark) in Australia is who I got mine through, I believe he has good deals for the USA as well.

  • Charles, Loved this picture. Flawless.

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